Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WIP: lazy-daisy sweater

This is the last "big" bundle of any yarn left in the stash, just three and a half balls! (We are, for now, conveniently ignoring the ginorm pile o' red heart brown yarn). There have been so many babies in the past year that some didn't get any knitted gifts from me yet. But guilt breeds a better prezzie, so here goes.

It's surprisingly hard to find a baby sweater in worsted weight that's not a bunch of rectangles sewn together. I get the sense that it's a popular beginner's project. Errrm. I finally found a raglan sweater on Knitty, Daisy. It's a bottom-up raglan, with a seed stitch border, and daisies embroidered at the end for girls (Boys get sewn on i-cord snakes, which leaves a rant for another occasion). This yarn is Knitpicks Swish Superwash wool yarn in Ballerina, leftover from when I made the Mrs. Darcy sweater. Not a good pic, but you get the idea.
The yarn is a touch on the really pink side, which is great for breast cancer awareness month, valentines, and for baby girls. So I decided that I'd just knit it with maybe one decorative flower at the end, because all those daisies plus the color would be a bit too much.

And I got going. After I'd knitted a few inches, I realized that it was waaaay too plain. Even with the pinky extra-pink wonderful-pink pinkiness. (Ignore the bandaid. It's from a bad bread-knife skinning injury. Gross).

So I frogged, and added a lace pattern. It's the Trellis pattern from Knitting on the Edge, by Nicky Epstein (My review here). This has quickly become my fave knitting book. Much better!

After I finished the lace and got to the mindless stockinette part, I started to read ahead to the good, juicy, smutty bits of the pattern. I can remember only one other bottom-up raglan I've knitted, and I recall knitting the sleeves halfway up separately, and joining the torso and the sleeves in a big, magical moment. I still remember the joy of decreasing every round, so the top of the sleeves/torso was done in no time. But despite how many times I read the pattern, there's no "place marker" or "k2tog before marker" to be seen. And I realized with a sick, vomity feeling...this is a raglan sweater with seams at the raglans!

WTF! What's the f*ing point of a raglan sleeve if it's not knitted together with the torso! The only reason anyone does raglan is to avoid seaming! This is a raglan sweater where the torso and sleeves are sewn together, after each being bound-off in a weird triangular shape! WTF!?!?

So this is all quite upsetting. I think I'm going to modify the pattern to knit it as an actual raglan sweater, and really it shouldn't be too difficult. But at this point I feel like I'm not even using the pattern at all, as I'm not doing any of the unique parts of the pattern (seed stitch edge, seamed (!) raglan sleeves, embroidered daisies). So I've deemed it the "Lazy-Daisy," because it's the raglan sweater for lazy people, ie people who aren't silly enough to seam a raglan sleeve...


tina said...

Well dear---- the deal is that this crap MAKES you a knitter. You are going to come out of this sweater with pointy boobs of power. That is if you don't have them already, and if you do just keep that to yourself because friends don't need to know everything! :)

Seriously, once you get to the end of this you are going to be a helluva knitter, a helluva patternmaker and your confidence will be staggering!

Can't wait to see it done. Hey--- bring the Epstein book Sunday, I am auditioning good edging books for Pi Are Square.

Phoebe Gleeson said...

I had the same reaction. Turns out the idea originally was to have different colored sleves, like a basball ragln shirt, ykwim?

I must know why the snakes could cause a rant.

Here's mine, also done without seamed sleeves because I cannot abide seaming.