Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's been way too busy at work for any FO's today, but still, good news! I was puttering around on Amazon, ostensibly looking for neurology books, but ended up getting a bunch of knitting books. Teehee! Many had been on my "wishlist" for years, and seeing how no one has ever bought me a book off the wishlist, I figured it's time to take things into my own knitterly hands. I am so loving the used book feature, especially because I think book vendors haven't figured out that when a knitter wants a certain knitting book, they'll pretty much pay anything.

The first shipment arrived:

I got Vogue Knitting for *three* dollars!!! And the Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker was like ten. Too exciting! I was flipping through Vogue Knitting, and I already can't believe I have been able to knit at all without it. For instance, I've been doing my "make 1" stitches the same way for everything, and lo and behold, one can make them lean left or right! Maybe that's why some things end up looking like shite and yucky on one side, and fine on the opposite side. Oops.

This weekend's gonna be a big work weekend, but I'm hoping to reward myself by finishing up the last couple little projects from the stash!


Team Knit ! said...

Ooh, great finds! I love used books, you can find some many great things, and it's pretty much the ultimate in recycling!

- Julie said...

Yea! I love knitting books! Looked today at 2 Goodwills no luck. Congrats! Marion

tina said...

delish books====

I thought Barbara Walker was out of print. This just proves once again that I know absolutely NOTHING!