Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Corny temptations

Now that the stash is all gone, I feel free. Too free. Now that I don't have anything to hold me to anything, there are too many things to knit, and too many things to do! I went shopping at Kirkwood Knittery, ostensibly to be a Black Yarn Swap angel, but really to get more stuff for myself. I got some aMaizing yarn that's made of 100% corn. Not only is it a cool fun fiber, it was in the sale bin for a dollar per ball!

I also got some Tofutsies sock yarn made of various stuff, including soy and chitin--some sort of crab-shell-derived stuff that's supposed to be antibacterial. Honestly, I don't think my feet are that unhygienic, and I'd rather have some normal bacterial flora than fungus, but I thought I'd try something new. Besides, I need to get some plain old socks going to carry around, and so that I can look somewhat professional. (My cat-emblazoned socks have become a bit worn, and one too many patients has asked if I am, in fact, wearing cat socks.).

I am torn between making this Protopretty DNA tank with the aMaizing yarn, or if I should make something really plain that I can make in mindless stockinette and carry around in my purse for boring moments.

Just in case you think I'm slacking off, I'm halfway done with the wedding shawl! Kirkwood knittery had two more balls of the Kidsilk aura, in the same dye lot no less!


Team Knit ! said...

Your wedding shawl is looking great so far! I bet the urge to by some interesting yarn made of interesting fibres was pretty hard to resist. Good luck deciding what to knit up with your new treasures!

- Julie

VeganCraftastic said...

I'm so jealous of your $1 a ball aMaizing score!

Anonymous said...

The amaizing looks so soft and silky, it's a nice color too!

I love the wedding shawl too - I bet it's going to be absolutely gorgeous when it's finished.

vegan addict said...

Yay! I too, recently purchased some of the cornsilk yarn... It's so soft and lovely. Mine was also from the sale bin, but not nearly as awesome a deal as yours. I am just doing a stockinette right now to play around...