Friday, July 4, 2008

FO: apple cozy

After the failed hat from the rest of the Rowan RYC Cashsoft, I frogged and made an apple cozy instead. The picture on the pattern is really cute, with a red apple. But since I really want a fruit cozy (so that fruit doesn't get all banged up when I pack it for a snack), and brown's the only color left, I made a color-blind apple cozy.

The pattern is Silly Apple Cozy, by Casey Newman, from I think I'm gonna Purl. I followed the pattern except I added four extra increase rows (and decrease rows, later on), thinking that the cozy looked too cozy because I used size 6 needles.

Well, it turned out kinda ginorm. It could fit an asian pear, or a HUGE apple. I had to model it with a balled up kitchen towel (actually a towel and a dishrag) inside, because I didn't have any sufficiently large fruit!

This used up 23 grams of the Chocolat Rowan RYC Cashsoft, and 2 grams of Happy Forest Dream in Color Classy for the leaf. Close, but no cigar, as 3 and 1 grams, respectively, were still left. Hang on tight though, because there are some very silly FO's (and finished yarns!) next, as soon as I take pictures!

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tina said...

I like the brown cozy----- think of it as uber chic fruit.