Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FO: Kangaroo Joey

Isn't he wonderful?! It's a pretty tight squeeze, but he can hop right into Kangaroo Jill's pouch.
From the side, he looks like he might pop out, but thankfully I had the sense to make the pouch in 1x1 rib (which I consider purgatory), so he's pretty secure.
The pattern is the same as for Jill, except a few rows were left out, to make him a bit shorter. And, the yarn and needles were a lot smaller, of course. I used size 0 needles, and Knitpicks Palette (sock/fingering weight) in peach. I used 29 grams, leaving just 8 grams! He's really small--compare him to the Korknisse--so although the gauge seems very slow-going, the whole project is actually pretty fast.
It seems that suddenly knitted toys are all over the house! At least this one has a specific spot where it belongs, which is the first step to keeping things in order...


Team Knit ! said...

So perfect!! He looks perfect in his mommy kanga's pouch. Incredible!!

- Julie

mooncalf said...

They are ADORABLE! And the little one fits in the pouch - so cool.

tina said...

Completely adorable!

Soon there will be no yarn in your house and the shelving will be woefully bare!! What WILL you do?????

I think you now need to knit the jill and joey some clothes.

Get right on that, will you?