Monday, July 14, 2008

FO: knitted bunny

Wow, it's really down to the dregs. I'd wanted to make this bunny from Heartstrings Fiberarts since I saw the pattern, which takes a square piece of knitting and turns it into a bunny. Like magic!

I started out with the brown Knitpicks palette, thinking I'd have enough to get to a square. Oops. I only got about halfway, then had to switch over to the peach. Hey, I'm just trying to finish the scragglers of the stash, not win a nobel prize.

Here's the before:

And the after:

Hrrmph. Not terribly magical. I didn't realize that the ears were knitted separately, and that all the shaping comes from sewing it into a bunny shape. Still, curiosity satisfied, and another 8 grams done from the stash, leaving just four grams of the peach Knitpicks Palette.

And...tomorrow...the big day!!!! Not to give it away or anything....but the stash will be gone! Actually it's already gone, but I want to build up the suspense. Eeeee! What will the last FO be?


tina said...

I am so excited---- so proud!!

I actually KNOW (and LIKE) a knitter who really and truly DID knit down her stash, and not a piddly puny little stash like mine!!!!

WOW. You are knitter of legend!!!!

Team Knit ! said...

It looks like the bunny has pants on!

I can't believe you obliterated your stash. That is something i can only dream of!

- Julie