Monday, July 7, 2008

FO: Onesie

This onesie was finished a while ago, but I held off posting until I gave it to the lucky recipient, Erica. Or, actually, her soon-to-be-born son, Edward. I was fully prepared to give it to them at her baby shower last week, but realized at the last minute that I had totally forgotten to sew on the snaps at the bottom.

The pattern (free) is Beach Onesy & Hat, from Lion Brand Yarns. But I changed it quite a bit, because I felt like the onesie was getting too huge. I caught 5 babies during medical school, and they were a lot smaller than anyone who would fit into the onesie as the pattern was written. Also, I ran out of yarn, so I fudged it a bit. I changed the back into something like the back of overalls, and made adjustable straps with buttons on the inside. (No one wants the yucky straps hanging out on the outside, imho.) This is the view from the back, sans bebe.

I sewed on some grosgrain ribbon at the top and bottom edges for strength, and sewed on snaps. I am so loving snaps right now! No need to make buttonholes, or buy buttons the right size. Surely there are strips of ribbon/grograin out there with plastic snaps already built in, but I had a good time sewing in these old-fashioned metal snaps. Or studs, as the brits call them, as I learned today from Mooncalf on her her knitblog, Make do and Mend. She says she bought "giant press stud thingies I needed," which sounds a bit dirty, but her cardigan looks beautiful.

The yarn is Wendy Aran cotton (machine washable, v important!). I used probably one and a half balls, but it's hard to say. I made Tribbles (scrubbies) with the rest of the usable yarn, and I think I counted this yarn as gone a while ago.

The "wave" stitch pattern works pretty well, and I may end up incorporating it into a future project.I do love knitting with cotton, as it has such great stitch definition (and isn't a bitch to work with in the summer), but strangely I rarely buy it. Fortunately Bee sent me some black Rowan cotton as part of the Black Yarn Swap earlier, so I'll get a season-appropriate garment for me-self soon!


mooncalf said...

If you think 'press studs' sounds dirty you'll be horrified to discover that the two parts are referred to as male and female:

Your onesie looks great. In the UK we don't have that word either. I think we'd call this a babygro. But a rose by any other name etc etc

Team Knit ! said...

that onesie is super cute! love the side snaps, since we all know how critical that is!!

- Julie

emicat said...

That's really cute. I love that wavy pattern.

I'm amazed by your dedication in using up the stash - you should be proud :)