Sunday, July 27, 2008

Food glorious food!

Sorry, no knitting pictures today. I'm slogging away on Elisabeth's wedding shawl...close but no cigar so far. I followed soknitpicky's suggestion of putting the knitted kidsilk aura in the freezer for a while, and it did frog pretty easily afterwards. Still, this is the last time I work with mohair for a long, long time.

The good news is that finally I'm getting a ton of veggies and fruits from Fairshares! It was getting ridiculous and tragic, what with the flooding in the midwest, chickens being eaten by dogs, local farmer Hale dying, and so on, how little produce there was. Now I'm struggling to eat everything up before the next batch of food, and I'm really glad I'm splitting the share with RMS.

The fun part of being in a CSA is all the new veggies one gets to try out. Deborah (of Ephemeral Chaos), who is in my knitting group, gets the same shares. We still haven't figured out what this squash is. It's a light green--pistachio or celery color--and an oval shape. (On the left).

Cut open, it looks like this.

We've both searched online, and still we have no idea what it is. I cut it open, licked it, figured it was a sort of squash, and cooked it into a green Thai curry. (I did cut off the part I licked). The curry was good, but the lesson learned is don't ever let me go mushroom-foraging.

As you can tell from the picture, that week I got two regular cucumbers AND an English cucumber. Every time I have an English anything I become more of an Anglophile!

I also got a few turnips, which are the sort of thing I always assume I've eaten before, until it's time to cook it and I realize I have absolutely no clue what to do with it. I ended up cutting it into very thin slices along with the cucumber and making a spicy asian salad. (It's piled elegantly between some Match patties and soba noodles).

This week, we got a whole pile of veggies, including zucchini (more--kinda getting annoying now), yellow squash (even bleagh-er), green peppers, onions, tomatoes (woohoo!!!), green beans, mushrooms, cucumber, purple basil, corn, blueberries, eggplant, and sunflower shoots. What on earth? The shade of green was so lovely I almost didn't want to eat them. I rallied and made some squash-mushroom-and-sunflower-shoot risotto, which was so, so good.
I am of the firm belief that everything tastes better if piled on top of each other--after all, that's how expensive restaurants get to charge so much. I'll leave you with a pic of the mushrooms in their little bag, because they look so yummy and fresh!
p.s., I didn't pick them myself.


stitchywitch said...

We have a farm share, which we are also splitting, and it really is a ton of stuff. I love figuring out how to cook unfamiliar things too, although I am also really getting tired of zucchini (and I love zucchini, but enough is enough!) Your farm share looks like it has great variety, I'm a little jealous!

mooncalf said...

Wow I never knew we English has our own cucumbers. You should use it for making cucumber sandwiches and having tea on the lawn :)

Team Knit ! said...

Ah, looks like a feast! you're making me hungry and it's not even lunchtime here yet....
- julie

Rachel said...

You know, that funny shaped squash thing looks like it's just a cross-pollinate of yellow squash and zuccini. It happened once in my garden and they look rather like that.