Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Peachy sweater travels

Thanks to Ravelry, I can stalk how the Peachy baby sweater is doing. It’s having quite the life of adventure and travel. I posted one by Alfaromea in Germany last time , and I’ve rounded some others here. I’ll periodically add more, so if you’ve knitted one but aren’t on Ravelry, please email me to be included!

First things first. If anyone lives in or near Fresno, California, Ancient Pathways is having a class for the Peachy baby sweater on July 22!

Rivercitystl actually lives in St Louis and I was going to go to her knit group, but somehow haven’t made it yet. She used a ribbon at the waist, which seems to be the popular option.

Mindifiknit (Adrienne) in California used the Oriel lace pattern from Super Stitches Knitting. She used hand-painted sock yarn, and it pooled in a v cool, swishy way.

Hooknneedle in Colorado is the only person who has made two! She did ruffles instead of sleeves, and was able to make each one out of one skein of yarn.

Kaparoo in Ohio used the “No purl monkey” lace pattern. I really like the drape of the yarn (Plymouth wildflower), but I'm not brave enough to use unblock-able yarns for lace (it is cotton and acrylic).

Teamau in California knitted the only one photographed on a real human so far! I love how the binky matches.
It’s great to see how all the sweaters are turning out. I guess it would have been better if the lace pattern were included, but I felt that would be plain old plagiarizing from Barbara Walker, and it's a good way to compare how different lace patterns turn out on the same garment.

Keep em coming!


tina said...

Well are YOU not the peaches! :)

emicat said...

those are all so cute - what a great little pattern too. Yet another great thing about Ravelry is to allow designers to see how others have modified it and just to see how others have knit it up :)