Sunday, July 6, 2008

Silly FO's: korknisse

After the apple cozy, I decided that at least one yarn had to be used up on the holiday, and got going on some Korknisse. I've had Korknisse on my queue for a while, since they look like they're good for dregs of yarn, and are so dang cute! The pattern is by Manne, and translated into English by Saartje (of bootie fame).

Holy crap, they are addictive! And fast! I made two, and finished up the dregs of three yarns: Chocolat Rowan RYC Cashsoft, Happy Forest Dream in Color Classy, and Plum Knitpicks Essential Tweed (I had 1 gram left from the Baudelaire socks). I also had a few un-weigh-able lengths of Ballerina Knitpicks Swish superwash, and Goldilocks Louet Gems worsted, so those got gobbled up too. Woohoo! Three yarns down!

As I was rooting through the giant bowl of corks we've accumulated over the past couple years, my darling husband seemed oddly interested. I was putting the "clothes" on the Korknisse, and I kept on hearing corks bouncing around upstairs, and I figured Cammy was playing with them. When the Korknisse were dressed, I went upstairs to find:
Cue the silliest conversation ever:

Me: What's that?
DH: I made a raft for GI Joes
Me: Why's the front different from the back?
DH: The back is where he sleeps, and the front bumper is where he jumps off to go for a swim every day.

Well you know what happens next. That's right, the Korknisse get to ride in the raft. At which point I mention how fun it would be to glue gun all the corks together. And he volunteers that he loves to glue gun things together! How on earth did I not know this about him previously?!?

So we glue gun the cork raft. The Korknisse stand aside, and Cammy keeps guard, as the glue sets.

Me: I'm going to make a little flag for when we put it in the water
DH: Are you going to put it on your blog?
Me: Yeah
DH: Then don't knit the flag. That's embarrassing

Hah! As though we didn't cross the line of crafty insanity long, long ago!

Well, the cork raft is, indeed, seaworthy. Look at the Korknisse having the time of their lives, on their sink cruise! And the little (non-knitted, non-embarassing) flag!
Too fun. While the glue gun was out, I used it on the real cork corks to make a trivet. I had posted about a similar one from Martha Stewart / Danny Seo, which had a little metal thing holding the corks together. Glue gunning is much better.

It is a wonderful day indeed, finding out that your spouse likes glue gunning, and crafts cork rafts for imaginary GI Joes. :) And finishing 3 yarns.


Priscilla said...

Your post made my morning! I will go into today with a smile on my face. And congratulations on the stash busting! You are inspiring me (although I have a lot further to go to see the end of my stash).

tina said...

I have to tell you, I laughed SO hard! My dogs are looking at me as if I am crazy. Which of course I fully am not since there are no cork rafts that I actually glued together and SAILED in my sink for my cork people. Oh my............................

It must be getting rid of every little bit of your yarn that is making you so lighthearted! :)

Seriously----- thanks for sharing, you made my day!

Siel said...

V. cute, but I have a q re: utility. What is the general intended purpose of the Korknisses post-production? Are they cat toys? Baby toys? Bath toys?

Or are they just decorative miniature cork people?

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Sounds like he's a keeper!

yoel said...

Siel, the Korknisse have no purpose except to ride around on cork rafts and don knitwear. :)

emicat said...

loved this post - too funny!

Your DH commenting on not making a knit flag if it was going on the blog cracked me up - it sounded like something my boyfriend would've said.

You guys have to market that GI joe raft :)