Friday, July 4, 2008

Stash math

If the green yarn (Dream in Color Classy) is 250 yards per 115 yards, and the brown yarn (Rowan RYC cashsoft) is 95 yards per 50 grams, is there enough brown yarn in 26 grams to make the same hat that was made from 24 grams of green yarn?

Since that comes out to 49.4 yards of brown yarn, compared to 52 yards of green yarn, I thought the answer was probably, if I leave out a row or two.

Then this happened:

The correct answer is a big fat NO! I didn't even get to the decreases on the top of the head. I'm still pretty puzzled, since I used the same needles, and my gauge can't have changed that much. I think I'm losing faith in my super-awesome-futuristic scale.

So no finished objects or finished yarns today....yet. I'll take advantage of the day off and try to get some serious frogging and knitting done. Happy July 4 everyone!

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