Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stashbusting part 3: little bits of yarn

Almost every project leaves behind some extra yarn, and your stash is probably full of little bits and bobs of yarn. Here are a few one-skein and sub-skein ideas to get you started, arranged approximately in decreasing amount of yarn needed. There are many books on one skein knitting, and it's worth taking a look at them for inspiration. Physically put similar weight yarns together, and mix them around to see what you can combine to make a larger project. You'll surprise yourself!

-Tank tops/ sleeveless tops
-Socks and slippers: make them toe-up, so you can use up every last bit of yarn
-Gloves and mittens: make them finger-up, or make them fingerless if you don't have enough yarn
-Small scarves
-Baby sweaters: babies are squishy and aren't terribly concerned about flattering fit, because they're generally pretty cute. If you make it, it will fit eventually. My Peachy Baby Sweater uses takes one skein of fingering weight yarn.
-Legwarmers: for the long-and-leggy among us
-Felted bowls
-computer cases: I love this one by chaotic crafter
-purses--the striped ones that use up multiple yarns seem pretty popular
-shopping bags--take one to the store and feel eco-awesome!
-bags to hold your knitting project
-baby/child hats. The hats for preemies are really tiny! Here's a cabled one from sweaterbabe.
-blankets or pillows for pets
-Who needs a cozy? Everyone and everything!: phone, PDA, fruit, golf clubs, pens, needles, retainer, beers, wine, etc etc etc
-small bags for organizing or for gifts
-dishcloths, scrubbies, burp cloths, etc
-toys for cats and dogs, kids, and adults (see like 75% of my projects, har!)
-pincushions--note that any little toy or amigurumi can be a pincushion. My cupcake sprinkles are little pins, and they make me happy!

-masks: for dress-up or for sleeping. Naughty Needles has the cutest Kill Bill eye patch.
-baby booties. Saartje's booties took only 5 grams of yarn each!
-wristwarmers or wristbands
-Christmas, Easter, Halloween decorations
-coasters and doilies
-squares to make a big stash-busting rug or blanket. (Note: seams would be depressing).
-little socks for furniture so they don’t scratch the floor.
-doll clothes (see the end of this post)
-lace or other pattern swatches. Fitterknitter is charting a bunch of old lace patterns from 1897, and they're available for free.
-olive. Have a martini while you're at it.
-decorations for larger projects, such as pompoms, flowers, or fringe
-curtain tie-backs
-Stuffing for toys
-Use instead of ribbon for wrapping gifts
-Use as scrap yarn for provisional cast-on


mooncalf said...

What a useful list! I never thought I'd need one-skein projects during my stashbust because I always buy sweater quantities. I REALLY underestimated how many leftover balls I was going to end up with - at least one from nearly every project :(

Skye said...

Hey there, could I link to this in the Carnival of Green Crafts? Stashbusting is awesome.


-Skye, Crafting A Green World

tamdoll said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but I'm loving it!! You have great suggestions, I'm always looking for stashbusting projects and have half of what you've listed on a bunch of needles right now.