Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WIP: Corny ballerina

Finally, a project in easy stockinette to carry around, and to take to knitting group so I don't seem deaf-mute. I was really leaning toward knitting the Protopretty DNA tank, but realized that with complicated cables, lace, and shaping, it's more of a sit-at-home-and-concentrate kind of project. So the winner is...Ballet Camisole (pdf link. Here's the ravelry link) by Alexandra Virgiel. It's from Magknits a couple years ago. It'a a simple, fitted tank that's designed to cover up bra straps and midriff, so hopefully it'll be conservative enough to wear to work.

I'm using the corn fiber yarn, aMaizing. It's a ribbon that's sort of like a teeny-tiny I-cord (you can see the loops in the picture if you look closely). Surprisingly, it's not that stretchy vertically, but the knitted fabric stretches pretty well in both directions and has a nice drape. I'm loving the yarn so far, especially after all that mohair. It doesn't split, doesn't itch, and is forgiving on the SSK's (doesn't loop all wonky compared to the k2tog's). Oh, and it's machine washable. And cost a buck per ball at Kirkwood Knittery. Woohoo!

This is all I've done so far. This will be my mindless knit for the time being--I didn't even bother to change it to top-down, and I'm not making any modifications....Well, not quite. My chest is too big for the XS, and my waist is too small for the S, and I don't want to re-calculate all the shaping. So I'm going to take a risk, and knit the whole thing in the S size, but knit the bottom half of it in one size lower needle size. I didn't even swatch in the lower needle size, so this is extra super daring! Well, if it doesn't turn fit me, surely it will fit one of you!


tina said...

Lovely! The color looks great............. I say knit the whole thing in an XL.

Just to be SURE you know! :)

Team Knit ! said...

That ballet camisole is going to be so lovely! I agree with your choice for a simple knit. I love that colour!

- Julie