Monday, August 25, 2008

Boise part trois

Here's the yummy yarn I got from Fuzz, the yarn store I visited in Boise. It's Jojoland Melody, a superwash wool in fingering weight.

Different colors are plied together, and the overall color changes gradually, so that when you see different parts of the ball side to side, it's shocking how different they look.

I'm planning to make some socks for myself, maybe with a nice slipped stitch pattern to show off the color variation in the yarn. Does anyone have any good pattern suggestions?

The rest of the Boise trip consisted mainly of a belated wedding reception, which served Basque food. Boise is home to the largest Basque population outside of Spain, oddly enough. The main dish was this huge paella (the paella pan is like 2 feet in diameter), which was cooked on a special cooking table/burner built specially for paellas. Sadly I couldn't eat it because of all the meat in it, but it did look lovely with all the bivalves and crustaceans arranged just so.

It was assembled in front of the guests bit by bit. Here it is at the end.

No trip is truly enjoyable without a trip to a used bookstore. We happened to run into one, Trip Taylor Bookseller.
Of course, I went for the knitting books, and found just two on the shelves. Can you spot them?

I got the lace book.

There was a massive cookbook selection, but I held off, since I've yet to really cook a lot from the bunch I bought recently. One of the titles was too funny I had to take a picture: Dehydrated and Delicious! Yummy!

I was very, very tempted by this whole set of Alias books. But since everything had to fit in the same carryon bags on the return flight, they stayed in the store. Psst, in case anyone wants to get me a prezzie.

The bookstore is the daytime home of a handsome French poodle, Apollo, who is the nicest dog ever. He's not yippy or annoying or slobbery or stinky or grody at all. He just comes up and leans his head against your hip, so that you can pat his curly little head! I was so enamoured I didn't get the camera out. Seriously, you have to go to Boise just to meet this dog! He was the true highlight of the whole trip!


Team Knit ! said...

that new yarn is so pretty, the colours are perfect for fall! Looks like you had a really fun trip. : )

- Julie

granny said...

ouuu look at how exciting boise can be! the last time i was there, i was cooped up in my hotel to avoid the blistering heat.

orata said...

Mmmm, dehydrated and delicious!

I'm not one to be able to give advice on sock patterns, but I think Mintyfresh's Anastasia socks and Sulafaye's Swirl Socks are really cute.

CraftyCarole said...

I know you started the socks from IK fall mag but have a look at this pattern called dash. You can find it here: