Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Almost finished

Look what's almost finished!
This dress knits up very fast, but now I still need to sew on straps and find a slip to wear underneath. I decided to sew on straps made from some black fabric binding, because ribbed knitted straps seem like they would stretch way, too, obscenely, much. The FO post will come after a mini-break in Austin Texas, where I'm going for Elisabeth's wedding (y'know, the person getting the shawl).

I'm having a hard time motivating myself to go buy a slip though, because of all the goodies in my Fairshares share today: tomatoes, basil, green peppers, some other longish yellow peppers, eggplant, melon, onions, perfect peaches, a baguette from Companion, peanut butter, fresh pasta, chevre, a ginorm chicken, and a kitty cat! I've already had the bread, tomatoes, basil, and chevre as part of a yummy sandwich--local and heavenly at the same time! (Of course, I couldn't wait long enough to take a picture.) I'm reluctant to leave town while all the produce is freshest, alas. At least I get another go at perfecting the Eggplant Panko-Parmesan, so that recipe will come soon.

Check back in a few days for pics of the Corinne dress in action!


emicat said...

freshly made peanut butter - lucky! Is that a tatami mat lurking underneath there?

I'm intrigued by the eggplant panko parmesan. You'll have to share the recipe w/ us!

Team Knit ! said...

I love eggplant- that sounds like a delicious dish. Can't wait to see the modelled FO shots of hte dress- looks very pretty!

- Julie said...

Just love the dress and my your a smallish person!!! I envy you!!! Im on my way over for some of that eggplant panko-parmesan! and some of the other goodies! LOL

Rachel said...

That dress looks really lovely! Goodness, you're knitting it fast!