Friday, September 12, 2008

Corny shite

Oh, the horror! I was doing mindless, stress-free stockinette in the round for the ballerina tank, with aMaizing, which is a yarn made from corn. There was a tiny loose thread, which I just ignored, because in regular yarn the other plys will hold the yarn together just fine. I knit a few more rows. Then this happened:

Aaaarrrrrgggghhh!!! The yarn is not plied, but is actually sort of an I-cord, so that when one little thread gets loose, the yarn unravels. And a giant hole forms in the knitted fabric.

And just minutes before, I'd come to a random break in the yarn, which I HATE because weaving in ends is the pits.

And I looked at the rest of the ball, and this is coming up:

This is the inside end of a ball of yarn that's wrapped around a cardboard ring, so I know it hasn't been exposed to any sharp objects or been agitated in any way. It just auto-unravels!

So that makes three shite yarn problems in a very short stretch, and now I have to rip out a few rows to get back to before the hole. I am officially so over this yarn!


mooncalf said...

Oh my goodness - what a massive PITA. You have my sympathies. Stupid yarn!

orata said...

Oh no, that sucks! said...

My ? is where did you buy this yarn and who makes it? I would be either emailing or calling the co and tell them!

VeganCraftastic said...

Ew, that sucks! If you think it's a defective ball, you should e-mail South West Trading Company and explain what's happening. I had a ball of their bamboo yarn that had about 10 breaks and knots in it and they sent me a free new one when I told them about it.

Team Knit ! said...

oh noes!! You should definitely contact the company and complain, because that's got to be some kind fo defect. Hopefully they'll sned you a new skein!

- Julie

soknitpicky said...

Arggh! Feeling your pain. I agree with emailing SWTC