Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Counting integers

I simply cannot count. Seriously. I can do algebra, geometry, and multivariate calculus, but cannot count positive integers. It is really mind-boggling how stupid I am at counting!

I cast on for the St James top. Here's the sketch from the metapostmodernknitting website so you know what I'm talking about:

This is a top-down raglan, with the neckband added afterwards. Since I hate and am very bad at picking up stitches, I decided to cast on for the neckband and ties, and then bind off the ties and keep knitting the sweater with the stitches in between. Since I'm between sizes, I calculated that I should cast on 259 stiches: 75 for each of the ties, and 109 for the sweater. I double and triple checked my math. Then I cast on, putting a marker every 30 stitches. I cast on what I thought was 8 sets of 30, plus 19 stitches. Then I knit the first row. There were 30 too many stitches! I don't think I've ever cast on the correct number of stitches on the first go, so that wasn't too bad, and I ripped out to start over.

I cast on 259 again, double counting each set of 30 (both in singles and in pairs), AND turning the counter for every set of 30. After 8 sets of 30, confirmed by counting the markers AND on the counter, I cast on 19 more. On the first row, I put markers after 75 stitches, and then after 109 more stitches. I knit 75 more stitches for the other tie, and I had a whole another set of 30 cast-on stitches extra!!! A true mystery! I figured it utter craziness to frog again, and decided to just cut those mofos off.

After an inch of knitting for the neckband, it was time to bind off the ties, and leave just the stitches for the actual sweater. All was well, or so I thought. I was happily doing the raglan increases for the main part of the sweater, and decided to take a break. Look at the ties!!!

One of the ties is twice the length of the other one! I am too flummoxed to count the stitches, to figure out which one is too long, which one is too short, or--most likely--both. I have decided that I purposely made the ties unequal, because I'm super-stylish like that.

I did weave in all the ends so far before I took picture. It is too funny of granny to accuse me of weaving-in-as-you-go being my method, as I have never done so before. It feels really good and smug, like after one does the dishes or does sit-ups.

This sweater is going to be a slow project, because of this:

The new ipod touch!!! I took a picture with it showing my ravelry page, except mini! So far, I've found only one knitting-related app, a row/repeat counter. It seems a knitting design program would be perfect for the ipod, like one where you enter measurements, desired collar/sleeve/etc, and gauge, and then you get the instructions. Any takers?


Mommabear7@sbcglobal.net said...

Well Im not sure about the ipod as I dont own one (or could ever afford one) But as for the # of stiches casting on and counting I can relate. Also I started what seemed to be a simple poncho 3 times now and had to frog the whole thing. Frustration has set in. Plus the yarn had several places with (not sure what to call them) not knots but like bunching where it seems the machine that made it had a hiccup or something. I have written the company but they have not replied as of yet. Marion

Team Knit ! said...

knit design software for the iPod touch?! Then I would totally get one!

I agree- just say that your uneven ties are done that way on purpose- it's fashion!

- Julie

granny said...

the uneven ties are totally great. no worries, its "stylish".


i'm terrible at all kinds of math too, i don't know my multiplication table but i will write a 12 page essay with near to perfect grammar and speak another language no problem.

emicat said...

I still use my fingers at times to count, sadly ;P

Kniting can certainly require your utmost attention. I learned the hard way when taking a rather complicated pattern (for me anyway) for socks to my knitting group and came back home that night having to rip it all back.

That's too cool that you can Rav on your phone. I'm just glad work hasn't websenses Ravelry *crosses fingers*