Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling old

There isn't a whole lot of knitting to show, just more of the same old stockinette top and sock pattern, so I'll wait until they're further along.

Truthfully, not much knitting has been accomplished recently, due to lots of self-imposed work. Also, last night I went to a Vampire Weekend concert at The Pageant with DH. We were waiting in a very long, long line to get in, which seemed extra long because the doors hadn't even opened yet. (You can take the gal out of Manhattan, but you can't take the Manhattan out of the gal! When you live on a wee little island with like a billion other people, you get in the habit of making sure you get to do what you planned for the night. Ie I always show up early and wait in line, like I'm in communist Russia. And it's such a treat not to have to spend a whole paycheck to go to a little concert.) Anyway, some dude in an official-looking T-shirt came around and said that people over 21 could get in the other door, where there was no line at all. So DH and I joyfully sprinted out of line, thinking how awesome we were compared to the the not-over-21 suckahs. I may have whooped. Suddenly, it was strangely silent, except for our footsteps on the sidewalk. I turned around, and realized with a very sick feeling that we were the ONLY PEOPLE going to the other line. All the hip little peeps in line looked at us with a mixture of pity and derision, the way my 18-year-old self looked at, oh, 30-year-olds pathetic enough to live on the same planet. I felt so, so old. Still, I went to the other door (without a line!) and got great seats for the concert, in time to get a gin&tonic beforehand. The band/concert was really cute and fun! Also, they know only like 12 songs, so the concert was over well before my usual bedtime. I put on extra extra eye cream before going to bed.

I saw these knitted quasi-taxidermy thingies on ApartmentTherapy today. They are by Rachel Denny. Creepy but cool! I wonder whether she does shaping while knitting, or if she just stretches knitted fabric over the animal forms.


mooncalf said...

I knew I was getting old when I started to choose gigs based on whether or not there was seating available.

Looking at the knitted deer, it seems to be mainly knit in rib which suggests that it is stretched over the animal shape - you'd have to do some pretty clever shaping to get the antlers right though. I wonder if it is removable for washing? Or is that another sign that I'm becoming old? :)

Team Knit ! said...

Ouch! If it make syou feel any better, I saw Vampire Weekend a couple months ago here, and I'll be 30 in a few months. Who says only highschool kids can enjoy fun music?! At least we can drink!! ; )

I love G&Ts too.

- Julie said...

OK to make you feel better its been 21 yrs since I was 30! And I have no idea what that concert is but it don't sound like something I would go to. Im sure the kids would be releved! LOL Your not old! Also at least you could get a drink to help you relax! The kids can't. And as far as that deer head goes I would love to make one for hubby, rather that than a real one hanging in my house. Huggs

granny said...

oh hell no!

don't feel old. be thankful you didn't have to wait in that line! i take any opportunity i can get to steer clear of 18 year old hipsters.

tina said...

funny post, I laughed out loud. Of course it was hard to know it was a laugh. More like a rheumy and hollow sound, coming from the sagging and ancient neck of CRONE KNITTER !