Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finding a portable project

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the Urbane sweater. It's good to be done with a ginorm project and starting anew!

Now I'm hankering for something that's easy to carry around, and easy to knit without thinking too much. After a lot of hemming and hawing about the Jojoland yarn, I decided to go with the Knotty or Knice (by Chrissy Gardiner) socks after all. I don't like any of the patterns in the fall Interweave Knits except these socks, and I figure I should try to make at least one pattern from the issue. Here they are so far.

I'm loving the color changes! The yarn has different colors plied together, and this cable pattern --which has a lot of twisted stitches and one-stitch cables--really brings out the yarn. The bad part is, this isn't quite a portable project, because the cable pattern is just tricky enough that it's hard to memorize, with cabling on every row.

So I'm back to the old mindless portable project, the corny ballerina top. Unfortunately, despite knitting tighter than gauge, it is huge and using up yarn too fast. So this has been frogged, and the plan is to modify the pattern to knit from the top down.

Sigh. I am trying to be very good and not get yarn for another project, because that is the slippery slope that leads to stash accumulation. Then the new Metapostmodernknitting goes up, and the St James top (Ravelry link) is just begging to be knitted!


granny said...

i love that st james top!
sorry about your portable knitting woes. i'm working on orangina right now and the pattern is really easy to memorize but... knitting this same lace pattern for not one 15" side but TWO... whew. i feel like i've been working on the same top for years. said...

Love the color of the socks, I have not tried toe up as of yet. Love the color of the yarn for the ballerina top! it looks so soft and yummy. Thanks for the comment on my first gloves, Im doing a hat to go with them now. Talk about mindless knitting k3 p1 pretty simple. Huggs Marion

emicat said...

Love how the colours subtly change to the next one - look forward to seeing how those turn out.

I took a vacation from my knitting while on vacation, so now I need to get back and finish my socks!