Monday, September 22, 2008

FO: Corny Ballerina

Two objects were finished yesterday, but only one has finished blocking so far: Ballet Camisole, by Alexandra Virgiel (free pattern, Ravelry link). The yarn is Amaizing, a yarn made of 100% corn, from Southwest Trading Company. I used 4.5 skeins, and US size 6 needles.

Here's the back:

Modifications include
-changing from bottom-up to top-down construction
-changing shaping row frequency, to fit me better
-made much shorter
-did six instead of seven ribbing rows at the bottom, because I just hate 1x1 ribbing!
-did not make the shirring at the top quite as deep-necked, because it is pretty low-cut already

This would have been a quickie knit, except I started from the bottom, frogged, and started over from the top, and then later had to frog back quite a bit due to yarn problems. I don't like how the crocheting around the neck and arms turned out, as all the edges keep curling under, even with a full, wet blocking. This yarn is breatheable and cool and non-itchy--good for summer, which is officially over today. So this top will get put away for the year, but at least it will have lots of company in the green short-sleeved shirt village:

That pile does not include the corny ballerina. Hmm, maybe it's time to get some new color clothing?

5 comments: said...

Beautiful job! I just love how you changed it! Looks wonderful on you! Love the greens! Huggs Marion

VeganCraftastic said...

Very pretty, I love the neckline!

mooncalf said...

Looks great - well worth all the trouble. Great fit too! As for green; I say, if it ain't broke...

emicat said...

Beautiful! And nicely fit too! That neckline is beautiful. I seem to have amassed a wardrobe full of blue shirts, so I know what you mean, but I still love 'em all :)

soknitpicky said...

Really love the fit of this on you!