Sunday, September 14, 2008

A happy ending, almost!

Thanks for all the empathy about the randomly unraveling yarn that formed a hole in my ballet tank. I took your collective suggestion and emailed Southwest Trading Company. I think this is the first time I have complained to customer service, ever, to any company. And they were so nice and responsive! At 6:27PM on Friday afternoon!! Here is their email:

Hi there,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write and let us know about the problem you had with the yarn. As you know, knots here and there are a hazard of knitting, but I’ve never heard of a problem like the one you described.

I’d be happy to offer you a replacement ball of A-MAIZing for your project. Please just let me know what item number and dyelot you need. I’ll also need your name and mailing address.

Thanks so much for writing and giving us the opportunity to make this into a positive knitting experience for you. We really do care!

Very best,

Katherine Cade

General Manager

SWTC, Inc.

So lovely! I feel bad about ever complaining at all, and will be buying lots of their yarn!

I was so cheered by this email that I finished the tank, except I'm waiting for the last ball of yarn from SWTC to finish the inch or two on the bottom. I even did the crocheting around the edges, doing the ruching in the center, and the weaving in of ends.
Every time I knit something I vow to weave in the ends as I go, so that it's not such a huge overwhelming task at the end. And every time I can't be bothered to do it until the end. Today I watched the last bit of Harry Potter 3 during the weaving in, which helped tremendously. I am so in love with the hats the Beauxbatons wear in the movie!
Anyone have any good ideas where I might find one?


soknitpicky said...

That is great service on their part. And they've made you a loyal customer, so it worked! ;-) As for the hat, some ideas here... said...

I have no idea about the hat? Now as for the yarn, I'm so so glad you did as advised. I look at it this way if I sold something I would stand behind it, so you would expect a company or at least a good company to do the same. Glad it all worked out well. I'm currently waiting for my reply from bernat as I got some yarn with horrable bunches (not sure what they are called in a skien. We will see if they are so gracious.

granny said...

oh i hate weaving in ends... i'm going to try your method of weaving as i go... might make it far less tedious at the end.

the tank looks great and that was really awesome of them to send you a new ball!

tina said...

glad that SWTC did the right thing, isn't it fab when customer service is great (and as it should be?)

If you are going to wear that hat I might wet my pants. In admiration, of course! :)

Team Knit ! said...

That's awesome that they are giving you such good customer service- especially since those with blogs have an awful lot of power to influence other knitter's yarn purchases! Here's hoping the tank will be all better with the new skein.

- Julie

emicat said...

That's great that they replied back quickly and took care of that. I love happy endings!

The tank looks great too!

green LA girl said...

It's great that they got back to you, but I would recommend seeing how the quality of this new ball o' yarn is before going out and buying a bunch more --