Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's a gray, rainy, dreary day today. Suddenly, I don't want to work on a silk lace shawl anymore. I want some nice thick snuggly yarn to knit a nice thick snuggly cardigan! It's been over a year since I knit a long-sleeved anything for myself (the Mrs Darcy Cardigan), and I've worn it twice, because there's such a boobage problem with the deep V-neck and narrow side panels. Both times I wore it, I sat hunched over and uncomfortable, and end up changing. It's time for a new cardi!

Of course, the devil is in the details. Ravelry has made it too easy to see everything that's out there, how every iteration of each pattern turned out, which yarns people used, and ooh, look at this other pattern the designer made! Ohh, a hoodie! Or pockets! Or a shawl collar!

Suffice it to say not much actual knitting has been accomplished. Here are the runners-up:

Feeling cold, I immediately thought of hoodies. The Central Park Hoodie, although I think is nice, is just too popular. This Yoga Branch Hoodie by Kirsten Hipsky (via WEBS Valley Yarns) is lovely, except the length, which is just the right length to make short legs look shorter. And the cable pattern, although nice on someone else, seems too celtic or something.

A Cardigan for Arwen by Kate Gilbert, is very popular, but it is just too un-shaped, and I'm having a hard time thinking of how it can be closed in the front. I love the two-sided cables though.

I've had Mariah, by Jodi Green, on my faves for a while, and it looks nice and toasty. But for some reason even the thin people who've made it look chunky around the middle.
Then I got to thinking that it's really cold and I should make a coat coat. I've had this Cozy Wrappy Sweater by christinabeena faved forever. Sadly, no pattern :(
Very similar in sillhouette is the ever popular Tilted Duster by the venerable Norah Gaughn. It looks so super on the model, but then when I look at the ones on real people on Ravelry, it looks slightly dishevelled and stretched, especially at the top.
I absolutely adore this Audrey coat, from Blue Sky Alpacas (Cheryl Nelson), but I don't think I could tolerate knitting that much for one project, especially since I already have a red fitted knee-length coat.

This (103-1 by DROPS design -- what a sexy name!) is something different and the tall neck looks so warm. Sadly, it's a bit boxy-looking, although I suppose waist shaping wouldn't be too hard. I really detest it when people wear long sleeves under a shorter sleeved thing though.
I LOVE the tall neck and yoke on this Eva Raglan Pull (Katya Blanchard), and despite the long-sleeve-under-short-sleeve problem, I thought it'd be the one, except with long sleeves. Then I found out it takes 3mm needles. Sigh. This project is not for the impatient.The Mod Squad Jacket, from the Toronto Knit Cafe has a nice tall neck too, but folds over to be more demure. Again, it's too boxy, and maybe a bit matronly. And the fabric looks suspiciously like all moss stitch, in which case I'd shoot myself.
Then I got obsessed with the 3/4 length sleeve options. Usually when I try on 3/4 length sleeve tops, they're regular length on me (same goes for capri pants), but the things that are truly 3/4 length make me feel so willowy-limbed. I've had my eye on Flair by Wendy Bernard (Knit & Tonic) for a while. It's just a little too flared (?flaired) though. I like stuff that goes in at the waist, if you haven't noticed yet.
Holly Jacket, by Theresa Shabes, from Interweave Knits, is similar, but with more shaping. But this doesn't seem particularly warm. I dunno, maybe I should do separate projects for a 3/4 sleeve cardi, and for a sturdy coat? I probably can't have my cake and eat it too, at least all at once.

Which made me eventually make my way back to the only cardi on my Ravelry queue: Lush and Lacy Cardigan, by Sweaterbabe.

How cute is this! I love all the details, including the cute little pockets! Then I saw that the gauge is four stitches per inch. SOLD!

So this is going to be my indoor cardi, but I still need to figure out what my outdoor cardi/coat is going to be. What should I knit?


mooncalf said...

What a cool post!

My vote would be for a franken-version of the Audrey coat and Holly Jacket. So you get the Jacket length with the coat sleeves.

I think I'd get the Blue Sky Alpacas pattern and shorten it because I think the section above the empire line looks better structured than the interweave one. But I may be being blinded by the colour - I love the colour!

donnac1968 said...

I love the Yoga hoodie and the Drops one but with longer sleeves.

Kathy said...

Great post! If our Yoga Hoodie had to be a runner-up, I'm glad to see us in such great company. Love the cardi you chose!

Have fun knitting it!

WEBS/Valley Yarns said...

Well I'm probaly not one to vote as I love the indoor choice and I can't imange knitting a coat. so I guess I'm no help! Huggs and luck! Marion

ern said...

i LOVE the audrey coat. it is SOOOO nice.

I know what you mean about knitting so much for one project but, think about it when your'e done. So much satisfaction!!

There is a cardigan from the 2007 winter issue of vogue knitting - it is one of the nicest knit sweaters i've ever seen - they have a display one at the LYS I go to on 14th street and I endlessly drool over it. it has a lace/cable pattern in the front? I'll try to find it.

ern said...

whew. i hit the jackpot here looking for this sweater for you :

wheeee!!! i'm probably going to make at least 2 of those!!

orata said...

Have you looked at Norah Gaughan Vol. 3? That Eva Raglan cardi reminds me of the Loppem design from that book (which is worked in worsted weight, if I remember right, so no 3 mm needles!)

as you probably know I'm working on Flicca at the moment as a warm and cozy cardigan (that I'll probably end up swimming in)--Anna Bell's Jess pattern is a cute coat, too, and REALLY fast (size 11 needles!) but I recommend going with some negative ease and using the lightest, loftiest yarn you can. The merino/alpaca/silk blend I used ended up stretching like crazy.

I have been wanting to make the Rogue hoodie forever, but maybe that's too Celtic for you?

will come back and comment if I think of some other good ones!

emicat said...

I also thought the Yoga hoodie design on the back looked Celtic -it is nice though.

Loved this post to see all the different designs out there. It's fun to search via Ravelry, but fun to just see pictures and pictures of beautiful warm cardis and hoodies.

The one you chose looks cute and cozy - makes me want to alllllmost CO for something like a cardi myself.. but not quite yet (I'm such a wuss) :)

Pensguys said...

You do the same thing as me! I look on Ravelry to see pictures of sweaters on REAL people...I look for someone with my body shape to see how it may look on me.

Great post!

cici said...

it's a hard choice. All of them are great. Perhaps flip a coin.

Julie said...

I'm totally with you on the long sleeves under shorter sleeves thing.

Happy knitting!