Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FO: Green Gauntlets

These were really fast! I have not been knitting much for the past week or two, but these really flew off the needles.

The pattern is Swirling Gauntlets, by Susanna IC. It's a very easy pattern, that is written to be knitted in the round or flat. The cabling is symmetric, and there is a whole chart for each gauntlet. The cable pattern is nicer when worn/stretched out.

The yarn is Rowan Bamboo Soft, which is a very soft and cuddly 100% bamboo DK weight yarn. It was part of the Yoga Swap package I got from LittleMii (She blogs at Let's Knit, a UK knitting mag, which has some super cute patterns!). Needles were US size 4.

Each gauntlet used about half of a 50g ball, but I can't be sure because my awesome futuristic scale is broken! The battery died, and since it's one of those funky quarter-shaped ones, I had to go to a few stores before I found a new one. Last night I put it in the scale, and the scale won't turn on! My usual fix-it scheme (remove battery, blow to remove imaginary dust, replace battery) did not work. And yes, I checked that I put in the NEW battery, and that it is placed in the right direction. All of the accessible parts seem to be working ok. This is a new scale (less than a year old), and it has been used exclusively for weighing yarn, so it's hard to believe it's broken already! If I can track down the manufacturer I'll try to get a replacement or refund.


Mommabear7@sbcglobal.net said...

Love love love the green gauntlets! Love the color of that yarn and im not usually a green person. As for the scale yes find out who makes it and get a replacement!!! Huggs and God Bless

VeganCraftastic said...

Those are really pretty, I love fingerless gloves.

Team Knit ! said...

Awesome! I love the colour.

- Julie

The Elusive Loo said...

Great pattern - they look nice and cosy!

soknitpicky said...

I like those fingerless gloves. I keep meaning to make some but have never gotten around to it

P.S. Bummer about the scale!

emicat said...

Those turned out great and I really like the colour too. I started Fetching at my first attempt at fingerless gloves, but somehow I keep messing up the cables... I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Sorry to hear about your scale. I hate that some electronics just don't seem to conk out not even a year after purchasing. Your post reminds me that I really should invest in one too - I could use it for both baking and for knitting :)

granny said...

those cables look like they'd be complicated on DPNS!

tina said...

lovely gloves, and yummy feeling too. I do love the yarn but wonder what that swirling cable would look like in something less slick and a bit woolier??????