Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stashbusters, etc

Yesterday was World Vegetarian Day, and it was my Fairshares pickup day, so I had planned out a rather elaborate vegetarian meal to share with you. I even made seitan from scratch for the first time. Then, I came home with my Fairshares share, to find that I had accidentally left the stove on and had almost burned the place down. Oops. I did burn a pot (irreversibly, I already tried scrubbing) and the house still smells like smoke, but otherwise everything else is fine. The food (red rice and seitan-mushroom-apple-chile stirfry with cilantro) in the end was very tasty, but I was too shaken to take any pictures or post. Boo.

I have knitted quite a bit, but little to show for it. My Knotty or Knice socks are coming along very slowly. I haven't calculated it, but I bet these contain more stitches than a worsted-weight top. There are cable crossings every row, and I'm doing both socks at once, so it is all going snail's pace. I am determined to finish these before casting on for another project though!

I still get quite a few messages from people wanting to bust their stashes, so here are a couple inspiring knitters. Mooncalf (Make do or Mend) has been trading yarn with people, which makes a lot of sense. She is a super-fast knitter, so I'd think she has a lot of odd balls left over. I still think that selling or giving away is really the easiest way to get rid of stash. Ravelry has made this very easy, since you can mark any yarn in your stash as "to sell or trade." I was able to get rid of the leftovers from my lacy dress and St James top, and help out two other knitters who needed the yarn. Woohoo! And while the partial skeins seem soooo long to knit up, they are actually very light in postage terms. Speaking of super-fast knitters, Karin (Knitting &) set a goal for knitting 10000 yards last month, and knit an obscene amount--check out the picture at the bottom.

More later, if I can tear myself away from the vice presidential debate coverage. I'm determined to keep politics out of here, so suffice it to say it's exciting to have something like this in St Louis!

5 comments: said...

I simply adore the socks so far. Looks like a ton of work. I just learned cables! yea! As for the little cooking mishap I have done that many a time, just glad you are safe and house didnt burn down! Huggs and God Bless you!

soknitpicky said...

Thank goodness you are okay!! I wish I were still there in St Louis. Will be watching, of course, but it's kinda special to have it at your own institution

tina said...

well thank heavens you did not burn the house down.......... sheesh girl you need to be careful!

The socks are absolutely GORGEOUS, I can't wait to see then and drool on them with my own eyes!

donnac1968 said...

Love those socks. I started a pair of Bayerische socks but frogged them after 5 rows of the pattern, just too fiddly. Can't wait to see yours finished though. Gonna add you to my blogroll.

emicat said...

I almost started a huge fire in the kitchen when I got sidetracked stir frying some green beans in my wok and stepped outside when we were bbq-ing. I came back in when I heard the smoke alarm and billowing black smoke came from the wok. It took forever to get that smell out but I'm so glad we were able to contain it!

Glad you and your home are safe.

I love how your socks are turning out too.