Thursday, October 30, 2008

Surprise prezzie

I got a surprise package from my in-laws yesterday! I usually dislike surprises, but this was a really good one. It's The Joy of Knitting, by Lisa R Myers. She combines academic analysis of various knitting-related topics, knitting advice, and patterns. I'm only a little bit into the book, but it's so fun already!

The book is even autographed by the author, in 2003. My father-in-law found the book in a used-book store while traveling. I guess my used-book and knitting obsessions have been broadcast enough that other people look for used-knitting books for me!


Team Knit ! said...

aww, that was really thoughtful of them! I hope you enjoy the prezzie.

- Julie

emicat said...

That was nice of them to find such a book and know of your knitting infatuation to know that you'd enjoy that book. I've got my boyfriend trained already (heh), but I'm still trying to get my family to come around.