Thursday, October 9, 2008

You should be in pictures

I've been working and studying hard, and have not had time to knit very much. But I was so inspired by Canaryknits' Swirling Gauntlets (pattern by Susanna IC), that I had to start on a pair. Thankfully today I had a long wait in the dentist's waiting room, and was able to bind off one of them. I thought the color really popped on my neurology book:

My sis tells me my blog photography leaves much to be desired. Maybe my little point-and-shoot Olympus FE-230 isn't quite up to snuff. I'm considering getting a "real" camera, but I have no idea where to start.

VeganYumYum posted this fantastic overview of blog photography--she blogs about (very good-looking) food, but I figure a lot of it applies to knitting, since it is all about close-up yummy stuff. It would be nice to be able to, oh, focus on certain parts of the picture, instead of having the camera guess what I'm doing. I'm considering taking a class. Alicia Paulson/Posie gets Cozy has been blogging about her photography class (which I don't really get because her photos were just fine to start with), and I guess there is a lot to learn!

So, dear readers, any good suggestions for a starter camera? Something that's small, but can be built up as I figure out what I'm doing?


donnac1968 said...

I recently got a digital SLR, a Nikon D60. It is an entry level dSLR, about £400 ($800?) It came with a standard lens but I also bought a 85-200 zoom for it too. I'm happy with it but like you I don't really know what I'm doing and am going to take a class in January.

emicat said...

My boyfriend got a dSLR too, his first one a Sony a200. It takes great photos and since he had quite a few Sony cameras in the past and because this one also takes old Minolta lenses, he thought this would be a good transition for him.

Me, I'm using a Sony point and shoot, but I should probably start to learn using his :)

I read Posie's blog too and I thought her photos were pretty damn good to begin with, but hey, we can all leave room for improvement right?

Good luck in your camera search!

Team Knit ! said...

ooh, thaht gauntlet was super fast! I know what you mean about blog photography, I feel like those of us who don't have cameras that cost over $1k are sort of struggling to keep up with better cameras. Although it is a great excuse for a new toy, if you can afford it!

I always like your blog, regardless :P

- Julie

CanarySanctuary said...

I love the gauntlet! (I happen to be wearing mine right now)
Thanks for the blog photography link. I need to get up-to-snuff on that!

granny said...

i'm dieing for a canon rebel xsi...

digital SLR. not quite top proffesional but better than a point and shoot. kodak also makes a similar level camera if you're a kodak kind of girl :)

Leslie said...

I got a Canon Rebel XSi this summer and I'm loving it. It gives you lots of options and it's been very fun to use.