Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FO: another St James top

I love this pattern so much I knitted it again! The pattern is St James, by Tonya Wagner, in Metapostmodernknitting.

Cascade Venezia worsted was on sale at the 1st anniversary sale at Knitty Couture, and ended up being perfect gauge for this top. The first St James I made was in Cascade 220, and although I love the color, I can't wear it for long because of the itchiness. Not Venezia! It soft and silky and non-itchy...I wore it through a very long workday today, and no itchies at all. The fabric has a really lovely drape, and, er, skims over any unpleasantries.

My modifications include starting with the neckband and knitting down from that, adding vertical bust darts (again, I keep wanting to say dust barts), and altering the waist/hip shaping a bit. This is such a quick and easy knit, I am tempted to knit a third one.The only other thing I'd change is to add is a hook to close the neck a bit closer. I walked around with a safety pin all day.

I got lots of compliments today, including a couple people commenting that this top wasn't "granny" at all. Yay! Hopefully a few more people realize that knit garments can be modern...and in this case, metapostmodern :) Over time, I've learned that non-knitters are really impressed by the size of project, rather than any complicated lace/cables/colorwork/shaping/etc. The hard stuff is lost on the non-knitting audience. So this top's for them. Everything else is for all the lovely folks on Ravelry!


tina said...

Really lovely! I also love Venezia, I think I have a little shrug in that very color!

by the way, you have no "unpleasantries dear!!!!!)

Miss you!

mooncalf said...

It really looks great on you - the shaping is just perfect. The dust barts really work!

Mommab@sbcglobal.net said...

I adore the color! And the top looks devine on you, helps that you have a lovley shape. Huggs marion

ern said...

you are just cranking out the FO's!!

Rachel said...

Wow, that looks terrific on you! I'm definitely going to add that pattern to my Ravelry favorites.