Sunday, December 21, 2008

FO: Chlorophyll gloves

Yay! I'm done with my holiday knitting! The recipient of these has been instructed to stay away from this blog, so you can all enjoy these earlier.

The pattern is Chlorofyll Mittens designed by Tarja. They are fingerless gloves (technically mittens, since there is one big hole for all the fingers), with a fun and easy combination of a simple leaf pattern and bobbles. Shockingly, I made NO modifications to the pattern. (Well except leaving out a bobble by mistake. And ok, ok, I admit I left out a couple rows of the endless ribbing at the cuff.) I have short fingers and found that these were too long, but the specified length should be fine for most women's hands.

I had not knitted a glove/mitten with a thumb like this, where a scrap of yarn is used to hold a few live stitches in the otherwise all-stockinette palm, and the live stitches are picked up later. The join ended up very smooth and hole-less, and I'll be using this thumb on all my gloves from now on.

The yarn is Queensland Collection Rustic Wool DK. This colorway is perfect for a project named Chlorophyll! I ended up using 45 grams of yarn for both gloves, so I could have knitted these from just one ball of yarn. I used US 3 needles, because I don't have 2.5, and the gauge turned out just fine since the fabric gets stretched a bit anyway. I may have to knit a pair for myself, since I have more than enough yarn for another pair, hee!


donnac1968 said...

Very cute and a gorgeous colour.

VeganCraftastic said...

Those are lovely! said...

Awsome and I love the way this pattern did the thumb. I have found for me this too works well, and if the pattern calls for something else i always change it back to this one. They are beautiufl and I know the person receving them will adore them. I happen to be working on a pair of fingerless mittens also. They are for my hubby its -15 degrees outside tonight. YIKES HUggs Marion

emicat said...

Oh, I love those and I love the colour!!!

I could use something nice and warm like that for my hands right now with all the snow we're getting.

I can't wait until I'm done with the holiday knitting so that I can CO for something of my own :)

tina said...

very yummy------- and congrats that all of the holiday knitting is done! That means you can knit other things. Like those teensy gauged vests and sweaters you fancy! :)

mooncalf said...

Nice knitting and ace glamorous nails! :)