Saturday, December 13, 2008

FO: Harry Potter sweater

How cute is this?! It's a little Weasley sweater for my niece. The pattern is from Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter by Alison Hansel. It's not an "official" HP product, and she has taken quite a bit of liberty with the patterns. For ex, there are patterns for knitted snitches and owls and such, which obviously are not in the books or movies. Still, it's a fun book for HP lovers.

I think that in the Harry Potter books, Ron and Harry don't get initials on their sweaters, but for the movie they do. Here's a link to the the only picture I can find of them right now. I don't remember seeing these sweaters in the movies either, so they may have been left out. In any case, here it is. The pattern is a very simple drop-shoulder sweater, and is intentionally designed to be a bit lumpy and rustic, how Mrs Weasley would knit. My modifications include: changing the H to an R, knitting the torso in the round (up to where the R starts), making the torso 1" shorter, and picking up 4 fewer stitches for each sleeve (I just couldn't fit them in).

The hard part was finding Gryffindor colors in a washable wool. In the end, I used two different brands of wool/acrylic blends--Plymouth Encore Worsted and Ella Rae Amity. Although they were billed to me as "interchangeable," the Amity is quite a bit thicker than the Encore. Perhaps because of this, the R looks sort of cobblestoned, and the rows are not straight.

I carried along the color not being used while weaving it, and I suspect I didn't do it correctly, because on the pattern on the back is not completely even. Still, it seems preferable to having long loops of yarn in the back that can get snagged when putting the sweater on.
The sweater turned out super cute! It seems so small--it's only about twice as tall as a 100g ball of yarn--but it should fit based on my niece's measurements, and possibly it just looks so squat because of the 4" of ease built into the pattern. The arms seem excessively long compared to the torso, but we'll have to see when my niece tries it on.

One christmas present done! (Well, except for weaving in and blocking, ahem). Two more to go!


donnac1968 said...

Very cute and the back looks very neat to me!

soknitpicky said...

That is adorable!

emicat said...

Oh that's too cute!!!

Rachel said...

That is so cute! Great job!