Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday doldrums

Perhaps it's the economy, the freezing weather, or years of working nonstop that have caught up with me...I'm just not into the holiday thing this year. All I wanted for xmas was a wooden soap dish that drained well, and I got that--yay! Otherwise, I already despise shopping, and holiday shopping is even more tedious/inhumane. Thankfully I have a small family on both sides! And I decided to knit most of my gifts this year, which is infinitely superior to having to go out and shop for something forgettable. My second-to-last knitted gift is done, but still blocking. It's supposed to be a slipped-stitch diamond pattern, but doesn't show very well.

One more to go! Otherwise, I have not even sent out cards, baked any goodies, or wrapped any gifts. At least my tree is up:

I wish I could say it's a real tree, but after a couple years of sweeping up needles and forgetting to water (ie a huge fire hazard), I switched to a pre-lit fake tree. The only gift under the tree (the big tiffany box) is actually the box where I store my ornaments. Har! This was going to be the year I sewed up all my scrap fabrics into gift bags...only 10 more days! Not to mention knitting stockings for all of us to hang on the mantel...And making that buche de Noel (or buche the yoel) that I've been planning for years.

At least Cammy is happy, since she gets to sit on the heating vent, look out the window, and hide behind the curtain all at the same time.


mooncalf said...

It'll probably be the best Xmas you've ever had. Go into the whole thing with too much media-fuelled excitement and it'll be a let down. Go into it wanting a few days off work, a nice meal and a bit and peace and quiet with a sparkly tree and you're onto a winner! said...

Ok as I was reading this I was wishing for a moment that I was the cat! LOL This yr while waching commericals for shows, the one for monk came on where he is dusting off his cardboard Christmas tree saying "no muss no fuss" and I was thinking I like that idea. For some reason Christmas to me should be about the birth of Christ not getting gifts, Too much commericalism and i know i spelled that wrong. Any who Christmas always drepresses me im sick so cant do what i want as far as making gifts, and I never have money so I get drepressed. Geesh sorry if i carry on. Huggs and God Bless hope your holiday is peacefull and loving!!! Marion

emicat said...

I thought I was ahead of things earlier this month, but I've yet to do my holiday baking for gift giving as well as send out my cards.

I've been wanting to try making a buche de noel too, and hope to someday. I just never seem to find the time for it, but I swear I'll get to it someday! :)