Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday knitting frenzy

The knitting frenzy has officially begun for this holiday season. I was hoping to finish my Funnel Cake jacket before having to knit presents, but this is all I've done so far (just the funnel part).

I went to Knitorious, a yarn store in St Louis, for the first time today. For some reason, various people told me to be very very afraid of it, but when I went, everyone was really pleasant and friendly! In fact, Deborah (of Ephemeral Chaos), who is in my knitting group, was working there. And the other person there knew me from this blog! My first "sighting!" There were a couple exited doggies trotting about, and all in all it was a happy scene.

I got some yarn for a Harry Potter sweater for my niece. Who knew it would be so hard to find Gryffindor colors in a washable yarn? In the end I still had to buy two different (although similar) brands, and one of the yarns is slightly thinner than the other.

Here it is so far. Things in the round always look so sad initially.

Then Deborah helped me pick out the least girly red/crimson color for a man's scarf. It's Suri Merino, from Plymouth yarn, and has small wisps of grey fibers mixed in.

And I need to repay Kateri for the scarf she knitted me last year. I got some Rustic Wool DK, by Queensland Collection, because the color was so fantastic. It is kettle dyed, vibrant green. Unfortunately the colors are not showing up terribly well.

I managed to restrain myself and not get anything for myself, since I still have the whole Funnel Cake to knit. Deborah teased me that I'm reaccumulating my stash again. Well, we'll have to see at the end of this month. I started my stash-busting on New Year's, finished mid-way through 2008, so hopefully I can finish out the year without having gone full circle into stash-land again!


That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

I love how you saw "a couple exited doggies trotting about." It's so positive! I thought they nearly knocked you off your feet.

I actually went to knit group on Sunday to take a break from grading. Good luck with all your Christmas knitting. said...

wow good luck!!! Marion

donnac1968 said...

Love the red for the man-scarf

emicat said...

Great looking yarn! Look forward to seeing what comes of these.

I love knitting with the suri merino from Plymouth. I just got done knitting 3 hats for holiday presents.