Monday, January 12, 2009


Funnel Cake is going to go into temporary hiatus. This change of heart is a good one though! I'm a huge fan of cables, yet I haven't knitted anything cabled in forever, certainly nothing (ever!) for myself. Funnel Cake is languishing, mainly because I've realized that the Alpaca with a Twist (twist, hee) yarn is going to stretch too much to maintain the shape I want. Then I saw Tina working on her cabled cardi (and the cables looks like sheepy marshmallows, so squishy), and remembered the palpitations I got when I first saw Vivian, from the Twist Collective winter 2008 issue.

Eeeeee! Look at the fabulous shaping that's done with the cables! Plus I absolutely love Ysolda's patterns and blog. Did I mention I love cables? And I have exactly the right number of skeins of yarn. The fates agree, it's time for a change of plan.

In other news, my washing machine broke. I valiantly tried to get a repair person, which is incredibly difficult when one has to, oh, work during the day. After calling a dozen appliance repair people, someone finally agreed to come on the one afternoon I'd be getting out of work a little bit early. This was still several days later, so I ended up doing a load of laundry in the bathtub, and nearly broke. I have a newfound respect for washerwomen. On the appointed day, I rushed home and waited breathlessly. No one came to fix the washer. I called the repair dude, who said that he had been closer to my neighborhood earlier, but now he wasn't, so he wasn't going to come. What?!? I hadn't realized a repair person could just not show up for an appointment. Well screw trying to fix stuff! I bought a new washer--and appeased my guilt by getting an energy star one--and they came and installed it the next morning! No wonder this is such a consumer culture!

The big bonus from the whole ordeal, besides the piles and piles and lovely, clean clothes and linens...hidden in the very thick layer of dust and lint that had been under the old washer, I found 80 cents in change. Woohoo!


stitchywitch said...

I am the designated one here to wait for repair people (I work nights and at home) and trust me... they don't show up all the time, or they might come by at some crazy time when you aren't supposed to be there.

I love Vivian, I hope to see you make it!

emicat said...

Oooh, that's gonna be a pretty knit! I just bought yarn and a pattern for my first ever cardi - hopefully I can tackle it!

I hate how we're at the mercy of repair people sometimes - it's almost like they think they can get away with it (and they do!) - well his loss, because you came out of it with an energy-efficient washer :)

mooncalf said...

Oh the fates are definitely telling you to knit Vivian. Ace choice!

I hate the fact that so many industries are still built around the idea that I have a 1950s housewife at home to receive deliveries, wait for repair people, visit the hairdresser, go to the bank, etc. There again, whenever I have a day off work I'm amazed at how many people there are on the streets and in the shops. Maybe I'm the sucker, being at work? said...

Oh oh i love the sweater!!! Can't wait to see it knit up by you!!! Huggs Marion

tina said...

you will look SO great in that sweater! Can't wait to see it in prog!

As far as repair guys goes, since I paid mine $400 I think that goes towards your NOT and for purchasing a new washer. Serves him right, may he be just your service call short on his bills this month! Harumph!