Saturday, January 10, 2009

FO: Very plain vest

This is a very, very plain vest in gray wool for my husband. It wasn't the most exciting project to knit, but provided lots of mindless stockinette in the round, good for knitting during travel and meetings. It's knit seamlessly, top-down, which I keep trying to tell him is a feat of engineering, and he thinks is just fooey!

There's no pattern, but I followed the instructions in Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top. The main deviation from her instructions is that the V-neck is much wider and shallower than she and many other sweater patterns recommend. (Apparently V-neck styles have changed...the V-neck on the Urbane sweater has been deemed too deep, and the sweater will frogged, once I gather up the necessary strength and courage.) The only other change was making it somewhat fitted, instead of knitting straight from the underarm to the hem, so that it is not so bulky and sloppy.

The yarn is New England Shetland by Harrisville Designs, which is on the heavier end of fingering weight. It blooms beautifully with blocking, and the final fabric is nice and smooth and so, well, sheepy. I used just short of 4 skeins. Needle size was US 3 (sigh). I got some Addi circs after my bamboo circs broke, and thankfully my gauge stayed the same, as I can't even tell where I switched needles. The tiny gauge got really tedious, and this (among other reasons) made me very glad that DH is not fat! Small gauge does have the advantage of making a thin fabric though, and in the end I'm pleased with how it turned out--it's warm, but thin enough to layer, and it's not too casual.He wants another plain vest, made from the frogged Urbane Sweater, but that's going to have to wait for a few big-gauge projects, so I can rest my wrists!

3 comments: said...

Beautiful job! Have him knit a few rounds and he would be impressed. Lucky you I wish I was not so fat. Medical reasons beyound my control make not being fat impossible. Sigh Marion

ern said...

oh! it looks great!

i am using that same yarn to knit the ilene bag but, i'm about 3 inches from being done with the strap and i ran out! So annoyed about it. I think I"ll have to take a cowl from my etsy shop down I knit with the same yarn and frog it to finish the bag.


soknitpicky said...

Very nice! And what is this about the Urbane Sweater? I think it's already perfect!