Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great balls of...yarn

I've been putting off knitting the rest of Fair Enough because of having to ball up the skeins of yarn. The yarn is a tad self-sticky, and the layers of yarn overlap in the skein. Each skein takes about an hour, and there are two more to go.

Usually, I get my yarn balled at the store, and I've never had so much trouble winding a ball by hand before. I don't want to buy or make a yarn swift (too much bulk to store). I'm using the grand method of putting the skein on the back of a chair, which seems to be the only trick out there, and it doesn't help a whole lot. Does anyone have any better ideas for balling up yarn without a swift? There must be some sort of duh-smack-the-forehead trick using normal household items. Like a lazy susan and an umbrella, or something like that. Please comment with your suggestions, oh wise reader!


tina said...

I wish I had wisdom for you. I use the chair method myself, usually putting the chairs back to back and the yarn far enough down so as not to pop off....... chairs pulled enough apart to cause some tension. All the normal things. I do stand on one of the chairs while winding on my dirter-------- rising above the chair seems to help it wind a little faster. Or not. Whatever it is a royal pain.

I hope the yarn fairies come and wind for you!!!

HUGS--------- said...

Lets see a handsome man or even 2, and at my age either kids you bribe with food or Grand kids you bribe with candy. LOL Im sure im not enough help sorry! Marion