Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!

2008 was a busy year, especially for knitting. The only one of my 2008 resolutions I kept was finishing my yarn stash! Hooray! Meanwhile, I knitted 55 projects during 2008.

FO's include
-5 sweaters: Peachy baby, Daisy, Urbane, Lush + Lacy, Weasley
-2 shawls: Elisabeth, Taos
-1 dress: Corinne
-5 tops: Corset Tank, baby Onesie, corny ballerina, St James, another St James,
-4 pairs socks: toe socks, mintchoc, Baudelaire, Knotty or Knice
-7 baby hats + booties: Saartje's, another Saartje's, Elfin hat, Maryjanes, Cable hat, simple shoes, Berry
-0 adult hats
-2 scarves/neckwarmers: Flower, man's neckwarmer
-9 toys: carrot, goldfish, penguin, Kangaroo Jill and Joey, bunny, two Korknisse, End-of-stash scrappy mouse,
-4 gloves/mittens: Broken heat, Staghorn, Gauntlets, Chlorophyll
-8 things to hold other things: two mug cozies, cupcake pincushion, small drawstring bag, market bag, apple cozy, Brea Bag, needleholder
-8 misc: huge blanket, cat bed, cat bed pillow, cat puppet, three tribble scrubbies, Flower pin

I usually make as many resolutions as the age I'm going to be in that year. For the past couple years I've been skimping, due to residency using up most of my time, energy, and enthusiasm. But I'm turning 30 this year, and the nice, round number is inspiring me to start resolving again.

The 30 resolutions for 2009 are personal, but I'll share the one knitting-related one: No yarn stash. This means that I can have leftover yarn in the bin o' yarn, but all new yarn will be purchased for a specific project and immediately placed on needles. Right now I have four projects on the needles: a nearly-completed vest, a just-started sweater coat, a cat bed started with leftover yarn, and I just ceremoniously cast on for a pair of socks with the only un-used yarn in the bin. I still need to cast on a project with the beetle-dyed yarn, but I figure I get a day's grace period since it was a gift.

After some hemming and hawing, I decided not to make any other knitting resolutions. I'm jealous of truly prolific knitters, like Stichywitch who made 18 sweaters this past year, of Mooncalf who made approximately a billion sweaters (or as she would say, jumpers). I'm tempted to do NaKniSweMoDo (National Knit a Sweater Month Dodecathon), but I would like to focus on some different larger projects this year, like dresses, shawls, and work-approriate tops, which don't really count. I'm astonished to see I made no adult hats or real scarves in the past year, and I'll certainly be knitting some in 2009.

I ate my Korean New Year's Day soup today. In Korea, one is born at 1 year old, and gets a year older each New Year's Day. However, the magical aging process occurs only by eating a bowl of special soup, which features rice flour dumplings. So now I am a year older, hopefully a little bit wiser, and blissfully stash-free!


emicat said...

Happy New Year! Congrats on your knitting feat last year! I actually like your resolution about no yarn stash, but not prohibiting yourself from buying yarn - just that you have to use it immediately.

Your Korean New Year's soup sounds great. I had my Japanese noodle soup that you eat on New Year's Eve called toshikoshi soba, which means "year-bridging noodle soup" that you eat on New Year's Eve to bring good luck.

Here's to another successful year. Hope we accomplish all we wish to knit! :) said...

wow I have no idea what I knit this year. I guess I should keep a running list. You have done alot and its all beautiful! I'm looking foward to seeing everything you do in the new year! God Bless you Marion

Team Knit ! said...

Happy New Year!! Here's to another successful year of knitting ahead.

- Julie

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Those are some nice totals for 2008! Would you be willing to share the soup recipe?