Sunday, January 4, 2009


Suddenly, there are so many WIPs I don't know which one to knit! All my new yarn is on needles, plus another project from old yarn, so that makes five! I know some knitters keep lots of WIPs around, but I'm more of a monogamous knitter, and this is somewhat overwhelming.

I cast on two projects with patterns by designers whose blogs I follow. The Tyro socks, by Orata (Feather and Fan), haven't grown since I cast on. This yarn is Tofutsies, a soy yarn that has two different colors plied, so complex patterns probably won't show up, and I'm hoping this lace pattern will show better. This will be the small take-along-in-purse project.

The other is Fair Enough, by Wendy Bernard (Knit and Tonic). It's a pretty easy-looking first-time fair isle project, in worsted weight yarn. Of course, I haven't gotten to the fair isle part yet, so I may have spoken too soon! I'm using the beetle-dyed yarn I got from my niece. Thanks to Julie (Team Knit) for the suggestion to do fair isle with the three colors! I was nervous about running out of yarn (especially since this is bottom-up, very unusual for me), but this is how far I've gotten with just one of the four balls of yarn--halfway between the waist and underarm. I may be able to eke out a child's sweater with the leftover yarn! Fortunately this pattern is actually the matching adult pattern for a Drive-Thru, a kid's fair isle sweater, also super-cute.

The plain man's vest just needs the ribbing around the neck/arms and a couple more inches on the body, but picking up stitches, especially with skinny yarn, is so tedius! It's much more fun to cast on new projects with thicker yarn, hee.

I have completely neglected Funnel Cake, a sweater jacket that I'm designing as I go. Part of me just wants to make this Manchester Jacket from winter Interweave Knits that calls for the same yarn, but the rest of me wants to be creative this time! Also that coat is knit bottom up, bleagh.

Last but not least, I'm knitting a pet bed out of the leftovers from the Weasley sweater, in Gryffindor colors. I'm trying to find an appropriate charity for when it is finished, since Cammy already has a bed. And a pillow. And a puppet. And a bazillion toys.

Even with all these projects, I am sorely tempted to start all the patterns from Boutique Knits: 20+ Must-Have Accessories, by Laura Irwin, which I just got. Every single pattern is so lovely, which is good because I got the book just for the hat on the cover!

5 comments: said...

oh my dear, you do have your hands full. I am currently working on a pair of lacy legwarmers, making a spindle for spinning (trying desprately to sell some on etsy) and spinning up some lambs wool on my spinning wheel. As for the dog bed if its a smallish type you could dontae it to Lilly(my dashuand) she is 6 months and is sleeping in a box with a blankie in it. Huggs Marion

ern said...

wow! that hat from boutique knits is adorable!!

i have one on the go for the most part, i don't know if i'd be able to handle 5.

mooncalf said...

Wow - you've got a lot of different things on the go there! Good luck resisting the siren call of Boutique Knits - I'm trying to resist buying yarn to make the Grande Cloche. I really DO NOT need any more hats :)

Team Knit ! said...

Ooh, those are some great WIPs!! I'm trying so hard not to cast one for anything yet, not until I get at least one more project off the needles...

- Julie

emicat said...

woohoo look at you go! I love that everyone's all going WIP crazy now that the holidays are over and it's free reign of what you want to knit :)

That hat on the cover of the book is way too cool. And that yarn you're using for funnel cake? I think would totally look way cool as that Manchester that you're considering changing it over to.

Just sayin :) Although I would love to see what Funnel Cake would end up looking like too.. decisions, decisions :)