Thursday, February 12, 2009

FO: Tyro socks

At long last! These socks rank among my slowest projects, mainly because I only worked on them during spare moments at work. They have been 6 weeks in the knitting!

The pattern is Tyro, by Orata (Feather and Fan). I did the toe, heel, ribbing, and bind-off in the same way I do all my toe-up socks, but otherwise stuck to the pattern. The lace pattern is very cool! The lace is reversed on the two socks, so that the pattern spirals in opposite directions. It was kinda hard to keep track because I was doing them two-at-a-time, and anyone clever would have marked which sock was which. Thankfully, I got through the whole pair without any big mishaps. The yarn is Tofutsies, which is a blend of soy, wool, etc, by Southwest Trading Company. The yarn itself is fine--sort of cottony and wooly at the same time, and very comfy to wear. The yarn is pretty thin, so I used size 0 needles.

The pattern and yarn are both great, but I'm meh about these socks because of my foolish decision to combine this yarn with this pattern. The pattern is pretty much lost in the splotchiness of the yarn, and to top it off, the yarn-overs are invisible due to the fact that my feet are kind of the same color as the light color in the yarn. Ah, you live and learn.

This is why I wore orange halloween socks under the Tyro socks for the top picture. I knew they'd come in handy one non-halloween-day!


emicat said...

Heh, I just thought you went on vacation and came back with a nice tan :)

Hmm, orange socks.. I'll have to remember that.

Rachel said...

Ooo, hoo hooo, ha ha, I saw the first picture before I read about the orange socks, and I thought you must eat a lot of carrots, lol!

tina said...

your slowest knit at SIX WEEKS----- pffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!