Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Misc knitting goodies

I'm back! Warm weather is wonderful, but home is even better! Especially a home with kitty! This photo just proves how determined Cammy is to fit in this bed, even as various body parts spill over the edges. She's happy to see her people, and even got out of this bed to sleep on the people-bed last night.

I didn't get to any yarn stores or knitting-related places in Miami, and in fact didn't do too much except relax, which was the goal. One of the highlights of the trip was the Wolfsonian, a design museum. Sadly, there were no textile or fiber-related exhibits. The gift shop was pretty awesome though, especially this family of knitted animals by Kenana, which is an organization of women in Kenya who raise their own sheep, spin and dye their own yarn, and knit super cute toys. I would have gotten one (or five!), except I have enough knitted toys, and I refuse to check baggage after the last time it got lost wth my knitting inside.

Thanks to some incredible delays on the way home (it's funny how when any airline people say there's going to be a 5-10 minute delay, you can figure that means 1 hour, and be right, three times), I finished the knitting on Vivian.

Now I have just the kitchener stitch under the arms and on the top of the hood (ugh), weaving in ends (ugh ugh), and sewing in the zipper (ugh x3) left. So close! I'd finish it today but can't do it with a clean conscience, having left my laptop behind at home during vacation and feeling very hectic now.

A sweet little treat--I ordered these from the etsy store of Vegan Craftastic. I heart tofu stitch markers! Aren't they wonderful? I want to cast on for a new project, just to use them.


donnac1968 said...

Come on we want to see Vivian modelled! Looks really good.

Cute toys and markers, I made some markers while hubby was watching soccer last night. It made a nice change.

mooncalf said...

Your cat is the cutest with his determination to stay in the bed. He's so funny!

I too am very much looking forward to seeing Vivian - it looks like it is going to be worth all the airport delays (and I know that is saying something!)

e said...

haha your cat look so funny on that little bed. its adorable.

VeganCraftastic said...

I'm glad you like the stitch markers :)

tina said...

The sweater is delish------ when I see you at knit group (time after next) I shall expect to see it in the flesh.

Bet Cammy is very glad to have her people home indeed!

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