Friday, February 13, 2009

Most popular

The other ladies found this quite funny, so you might too. The most common google search term used to arrive at this blog is kangaroo anatomy. The same is true for the image search. How weird is that?!? Who, when researching kangaroo anatomy, decides that the most accurate information must be on a knitting blog? Especially when the kangaroo in the picture is clearly made of yarn?

I'm just saying. When I was learning regular human anatomy, I would never have been tempted to visit silly websites that show knitted brains, GI system, and whatnot (this is the official medical term).

The runner-up is some variation of double decrease, linking to the tutorial on the right. I still haven't done the part 2 of that tutorial, because--and this is really pathetic--I cut up the yarn I had been using for the pictures, to stuff the end-of-the-stash mouse.

I think it's a little creepy how much google/gmail/blogger knows about all of us, but it sure provides some comic relief now and then!


Rachel said...

How did you figure out how people found you like that? I'd love to know what sends people to my site . . . (well, other than quirks and my insane life, ha ha!)

mooncalf said...

hilarious (1)

:) said...

Wow never thought if this? HMMMMMMMMMMMM

tina said...

I dunno Doc.......... that knitted heart on Ravelry is surely anatomically correct???? :)

Anonymous said...

I found your site by searching on my cat's name, Mrs. Chippy. She was named in honor of the first Mrs. Chippy, who was in fact a male cat on Shackleton's Antarctic expedition that was heroic, except Shackleton ordered Mrs. Chippy shot.

There is now a brass statue of Mrs. Chippy in New Zealand (I think it is).