Monday, February 2, 2009

WIP: Tyro socks

All my projects are at the dull, ungratifying stage. My purse project for the past month has been Tyro socks, from Feather and Fan (Orata). I work on it only during downtime at work, and the progress is slow. I am just past the heels, and every row I'm forcing myself to knit some more, and NOT bind off a fab pair of anklet socks. Still, they are growing quite slowly, and non-knitter bystanders are asking questions like

"What are you knitting?...Those are socks?!?"
"Are those the same socks as last week?"
"Do socks take longer than a hat because the yarn is thin, or because of the curve of the socks?"
"Are you actually going to wear them?"
"Are those baby socks [insert excited squeal]?"
"Why do you bother knitting socks if they take as long as a sweater?"
"Why would you knit socks?"

Somehow knitted socks elicit a level of suspicion, derision, outrage, and inappropriate behavior that other projects don't. At least I'm knitting two at a time, and they will be done at the same time. They are a sorry looking pair right now:

Mainly this is because the pattern is not visible in this yarn (Tofutsies), when it is not stretched out. It's cool because the spiral pattern is mirrored on the two socks. Hopefully the pattern will be more visible when I put them on.

Since knitting has been somewhat unrewarding, I devoted my energies to bookshelf re-organization this past weekend. For a bibliophile who loves organizing, this is a pretty enjoyable activity. Check it out, I finally fulfilled my long-lasting longing to arrange books by color! (Well 3 shelves anyway; the rest are arranged by genre and author).

This is one of the 8 bookcases and cabinets I re-organized. This is the best looking though! I feel well-read just looking at it.


mooncalf said...

Nice socks! I LOVE your bookcase though. Who knew you has a long held desire to organise by colour? :)

orata said...

squee! I'm so excited that you're knitting them. I hope you saw and were not fooled by the error in the original cast-on directions though (you're good if your socks have 64 sts, not 128!). They look pretty normal-sized so I'm sure they're fine, but just want to make sure :)

e said...

thats one hell of a good looking bookshelf!

i hear you on the socks too. it took me 3 weeks to kick out the jaywalkers! I knit one at a time though. Far less satisfying when your'e finished with sock 1.