Monday, March 16, 2009

Ah, choices

Admittedly, the knitting has been a bit forced and dry recently. But suddenly, it's spring, and there are too many things to knit!

I am on the sleeves of the February girl sweater. So unbearably cute, right?

Actually, if you don't know how small it is, it might look like any old february lady sweater, so you'll have to take my word for it that this is a teeny version for a 7.5 year old, and it is the cutest thing ever. I even re-wound all three balls of yarn into center-pull balls to knit both sleeves at once, only to realize that the darn thing is too small for that.

Then, can you believe I've been distracted from the sweater by swatching?!? I so, so hate swatching, I only do it because I hate frogging even more. But then I swatched for the Golden Poplar, and it's so much fun!

It's the Royal Quilting pattern (in the first Barbar Walker Treasury), and it's such a weird satifaction to make the grid pattern, that I can't stop swatching. I think I may just keep going and turn the swatch into an ipod holder, seeing how I shamefully (being a knitter and all) carry around my ipod naked and exposed. And this green and navy combo is so hitting the jcrew/preppy-love spot! It almost makes up for the fact that this pattern can't be knitted in the round, and I may have to follow the pattern as written (gasp).

The truth is, I'm really putting off salvaging the Urbane Sweater, which I designed and knitted for Ravelympics. Apparently, when a man says he wants tight, it is very different than a woman's tight, so the sleeves ended up too tight, and the V-neck splayed too wide as a result. DH asked for another plain vest, so I very sadly began frogging the sweater. Halfway through, he came up with the bright idea that the torso of the sweater was fine, and we compromised that I'd salvage it to make a vest.

He is even willing to live with the cables that I thoughtfully designed to look like the olympic rings. So all I have to do is "just" pick up stitches around the neck and sleeves, and knit some 1x1 ribbing. All my least favorite things! No wonder I'm savoring swatching.


mooncalf said...

Wow, that Golden Polar swatch is SO COOL! I've never seen anything like it before.

mooncalf said...

Poplar, I meant to type Poplar...

sula said...

I love knitting the royal quilting pattern, too! Can't wait to see your Golden Poplar. And your ipod cozy! ;) Good luck with the sweater reworking.

soknitpicky said...

Oh, I'm so glad Urbane can be salvaged! It was really beautiful. And I like the quilting pattern too (my recent Ivel uses the quilting pattern, but only in 1 color). It's really fun to knit!

Thea said...

Urbane is pretty cool - those men can be sooo picky, can't they? And I love Poplar, cannot wait to see that puppy finished.