Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost FO: February girl sweater

Yay for remembering something to show scale! Isn't this the cutest ever? It's almost done blocking, so in my view that counts as a FO, especially since who knows when I'll get to the store for buttons and such.

The pattern is a mini-version of the very popular February Lady Sweater (by Pamela Wynne) which itself is an adult version of the February baby sweater on 2 needles (by Elizabeth Zimmerman), so this ends up somewhere in between. I wanted to use the leftover yarn from Fair Enough that my niece had given me, (100% wool yarn without brand name, made at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, NY) to make a sweater for her. Since I had just about the same amount of each color, I thought even stripes would work well. I love how the stripes turned out jaggedy on the lace.

The great thing about even stripes is that it's really easy to count rows. Each color is 4 rows, both on the garter and lace parts, and it's amazing how different the widths are, especially after blocking!

The sweater grew about 2 inches in length with blocking, so it should fit her for a long time (I hope!) This seems like a good pattern, fit-wise, for a moving target, because one can just do the top buttons when one gets bigger, the length works even when it's short, and the sleeves look good at 3/4 length.

My niece is 7.5 years old, so some re-calculations were in order. In case anyone is interested, here are my mods to fit this to girl-size 6 to 8 (chest 26" final, length 17" final).
-Gauge unchanged, 18st/4"
-CO 55 st, divide as 12 for left front, 7 for left sleeve, 17 for back, 7 for right sleeve, 12 for right front
-I did not use a stitch for the raglan, but instead placed a marker between the sections and did a kfb before and after each marker
-Did 16 increase rows, alternating with plain rows
-On the eyelet row, added 2 evenly in left panel, 3 in left sleeve, 3 in back, 3 in right sleeve, 2 in right panel (Total 206 st)
-Continued plain in garter until 6.25" (measure normally, not diagnonally down the raglan), before separating sleeves
-Kept 7 stitches each front edge in garter
-CO 7 st under arms on body, and pick up 7 st under arm on sleeve sections
-Continued in lace until ~13.5-14", then switched back to garter for 1.5"
-Started and ended with same color all edges, then did a row of single crochet up the front edges
-I did not put in buttonholes, because the plan is to sew in some grosgrain ribbon and snaps, which is generally a much sturdier option that any knitted buttonhole, no matter how nice.


soknitpicky said...

cute, cute, cute!

VeganCraftastic said...

So cute, I love the colors!

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

so cute! i'm making the feb lady from blue sky alpacas is taking me a long time for some reason...probably because i keep doing socks instead :)