Monday, March 30, 2009

Crochet prezzies

Maybe the fates are telling me to start crocheting again. First the incredible granny square blanket, and now a gift from Thea (babycocktails and knitting)! She recently came into a bunch of old knitting and crocheting stuff (some of it quite, er, interesting), and sent me the crochet stuff. Yay, and thanks Thea!

The best pattern is this proto-amigurumi:

Crochet always looks so easy. Like oh, I can just whip up these lacy squares

or hexagonish things with just five minutes each,

and make a whole blanket! Of course it's never like that, for ex, my super slow crocheted afghan (aka acrylic albatross). Still, hope springs eternal, and I'm thinking maybe I should use my crochet hooks for something other than fixing mistakes in knitting.

It seems suddenly crochet is making a comback today. Twisted Knitter was talking about her gorgeous little blanket and Roman sock just released her free pattern for the sweetest little chicks! All well and good. I'm just afraid that it's a swift and slippery slope to this:

(Yes, that's a clown toilet paper cover. No, not toilet paper for clowns.)

3 comments: said...

oh for goodness sakes you can crochet! Just promise me you wont do the clown toliet tissue cover! yikes talk about old lady tacky! LMAO Marion

mooncalf said...

That toilet roll cover is the stuff of nightmares. Scary horrible nightmares!!!! aaerghhhghfghghggh

Thea said...

Have fun! who doesn't need a clown themed toilet paper cover? Unless you get the clown themed paper and then why cover it up?