Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, I've given up on trying to make any footsies. I started another pair in a different pattern, but used the wrong size needles, so they are huge, and I've officially decided on NO MORE FOOTSIES for the time being. Instead, I cast on for a February lady sweater, which is quite possibly the most popular pattern from 2008. But it's for a girl, so I sized it waaaaay down, and am calling it the February girl sweater.

Such strawberry sherbet-y goodness! It's made from the leftover yarn that my niece got me, after knitting Fair Enough. I have about the same amounts of the white, pink, and red left, so I'm striping it evenly, and hope to run out of all of them at just the right time. Perhaps I should have knitted this for Valentine's day. Alas, but I hope a random hand-knitted sweater will be appreciated. I sure am appreciating all the wonderful, relaxing, sedative effects of garter stitch, after all that god-awful seed stitch on Vivian!

Oh, I'm using the stitch markers from Vegan Craftastic. On the FU is visible, but I promise they say I heart tofu.

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Rachel said...

Cute colors - I can't wait to see how it comes out!