Saturday, March 21, 2009

Re-FO: Urbane salvage vest

What a difference a little frogging makes! Here is the Urbane sweater before--the sleeves were too tight, and pulled the already-large V-neck even bigger.

The sweater was knitted top-down, and the sleeves were picked up and knitted down, so the sleeves were easy to take off. I ended up not adding any ribbing around the armholes, because the vest already reaches across to the edges of the shoulders, since it was designed as a sweater. And heck, I'll use any excuse not to pick up stitches and do ribbing. Instead, there's a row of slip-stitch (crochet) to smooth things out.

The neck ribbing was completely re-done. The first version was done with the decreases at the point of the V done every other round, and it was just too loosey-goosey. This time, the decreases were done every round, and the ribbing pulls together much better. Here's a close-up. It still needs to be blocked again, especially since I used the ramen-curly yarn after ripping out without straightening it out.

I have a very strong opinion about keeping collars inside sweaters and vests, btw. For the rest of the specs on the vest, it's the same as for the sweater. The yarn is Louet Gems, which held up nicely, and is officially on my list of Good Yarns.

Woohoo! Now I have my size 3 circs free to cast on for the Golden Poplar.


Thea said...

I love this -- just asked my DH if he'd wear it.... not sure I belive his Yes yet, but he'll get there. Am thinking it could be gorgeous in a Kathmandu Aran.

tina said...

the vest looks great, it must feel so good to have it not only done but so wearable and handsome!

Now, why in the world DO you have strong opinions about collars inside vest necklines??? I am curious!

VeganCraftastic said...

very nice!

Rachel said...

I agree, without the sleeves, it really DOES look Urbane! Cool!