Monday, March 2, 2009


Wow, this is the ugliest thing I have ever knitted! Looking for a quick fix, I cast on for a pair of footsies (or as some people call them, footies), using yarn leftover from a pair of fingerless mittens. The fingerless mittens--which have been re-christened "hobo gloves" by several people--looked so great in a bobble pattern, that I picked a footsie pattern with bobbles too.

The pattern is Raspberry Bed Socks, and they look so cute in the pattern, like dainty, lovely, refined ballerina foot-warmers. (You really have to click through and see them, just for the shock of comparison.)

All was going well until I ran out of yarn with just the top ribbing to go, which was no big deal since I had some other green DK weight yarn leftover from the other green hobo gloves (not to be confused with the other other pair of green hobo gloves). I bound off, and decided to try it on.

OMG! A huge knitted foot-pouch for hobbit feet! The pattern itself is quite big and loose around the top (which I realized when I looked at all the other ones on Ravelry), which was made even worse by using a bamboo yarn for the ribbing around the top. Gaaaah!

I tried to pin down the sides to see if I could salvage it by sewing some seams.

No, definitely not. Even without the fit problem, the bobbles turned out flat, and the provided instructions leave a big hole next to each bobble, so the bobbles keep popping through to the wrong side, like a sad game of knitted whack-a-mole. Thankfully, I uncharacteristically knit just one, instead of two at a time. I'm frogging this one right away, and starting on the footsies that Mlledefarge (best ravatar name ever) is knitting, because she brought them to knit night and they were cute and cuddly, like footsies are supposed to be!


mooncalf said...

I made some HIDEOUS green knitted slippers with bobbles on a few months ago but as they were a test knit I felt it would be unfair to post them. I had gauge problems with the top part and it turned out very small so the bobbled base oozed out beneath with hideous lumps like a horrifying skin condition.

I made Ysolda's grown up booties too and thy fall off all the time despite me adding a mary-jane-type strap. I hope your new footies turn out to be the winning pattern!

soknitpicky said...

Bummer! At least it was fast, right?

e said...

i have an idea!

you could run a ribbon through all the way around the foot so it ties at the top front of the foot??

Rachel said...

Aw, too bad. Better luck next time!