Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At last

Hooray! The front of Golden Poplar is done!!

The back half is also done up to the bottom of the neck hole, so the end is in sight. I am hoping to have this done before it gets too warm to wear it at all. The slow part will be seaming, especially since it may require a zipper on the side so that the narrowest (waist) part can fit past the shoulders. It's a mystery how the lady in the photo in the pattern was able to put hers on without ripping it, because she is quite buxom.

In more good news, the post office found the rest of my Etsy packages. Now I have two handmade bags. The yellow one is made by bayanhippo, and the red corduroy one is by Chickybags, who is local here in St Louis! I purposely got bags that can fit my laptop and were brightly colored for spring, but the more I look at them, I think they'd be great for knitting. The longer things stay in my house, the more likely they are to get roped into knitting, or get covered in cat hair, or both.


Thea said...

that sweater is sooo cool. I find a lot of the old vintage patterns are really narrow - they did like their sweaters to be snug, didn't they? Love the bags too -very bright and springy.

tina said...

Golden Poplar is GORGEOUS------- congrats on getting it almost OFF the needles!

mooncalf said...

Wow - Golden Poplar is incredible - it looks like so much work!

Love the new bags too! said...

the sweater is gonna be beautiful (but then I knew that) The bags are really really pretty. And here here to the cat hair, add to that colle hair too!!! at least at my house. Marion

e said...

your shirt is looking great!!

and the bags are adorable!!

Knitter in an Urban Zoo said...

Golden Poplar is gorgeous, you are such a talent!

Nice bags and boy do I understand the cat hair issue...not to mention dog hair. Oye.