Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today, I forgot to go to my own knit group. I had even sent out reminders to everyone! Tina and the others there called me about an hour in, to call me out as the ridiculous fool that I am. Somehow I had looked forward to knitting all day, then I got home and got going on work stuff, and my brain got all distracted and squashy.

Well I did get quite a bit of work done, and felt justified in taking a break to do some research about what to do about the impending end of my car lease. I'd get rid of the car altogether, but I'm anxious about all the little trips I wouldn't be able to do...like to the yarn store, TJ's, work, etc. There's a car sharing program started by Enterprise in St Louis called WeCar, which looks very good and well (all hybrids! cheap!) except that the cars are parked a long way away from this neighborhood. Has anybody done this? Anyone want to band together and lobby for shared cars in the Central West End? I'm also trying to find a used bike with a basket from craigslist, to commute the whole 4-5 blocks to work, and also to buy picturesque basketfuls of flowers, baguettes, and yarn (probably not all together). Any suggestions?

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tina said...

I am still laughing about ditching us at knit night! :) You dork.

I'm also looking for a great bike, vintage and fabulous of course! Haven't found just the right one, think I may have to go with a repro.

take care of yourself, no stress!