Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's finally warm enough that the door to the wee garden behind the house can be left open, and I can watch the plants grow. Last summer and autumn I completely gave up on the garden, after the crabapple tree got a fungus and shed fungemic leaves all over the garden, and everything died. So sad! Somehow the cold of winter was curative, because things I had counted as dead are miraculously growing out of the ground at astonishing rates. Like this clematis. Amazing!

Even the infamous crabapple tree has rid itself of fungus for the time being. I feel so vindicated about not spraying toxic fungicide all over the tree. Look!

If you look closely, there's a nest in the lower branches. The baby birds hatched recently--so far I've seen three little baby bird heads at a time, but there could be more. Usually, there's one parent bird keeping watch, and a couple little baby heads resting on the edge of the nest.

Then the other parent will come back with a squirming worm in his or her mouth, then rest for a few moments on the nearby fence, and make little hooting noises. He/she looks around for a few moments (? to make sure predators aren't watching), then goes to the nest, and simultaneously the other parent will depart to get another worm.

As soon as the worm-bearing parent arrives, there's a lot of eep-eep-eep-eep noises, and little baby bird heads with mouths open peek out above the top of the nest, clamoring. Then just like in cartoons, the parent leans over them and the baby birds devour the worm.

I waited all afternoon to try to get a picture, and I kept missing them. This is as good as it got with my little point-and-shoot. Isn't springtime wonderful?

3 comments: said...

It is wonderful!!! Good to see others enjoy it as much as I do. We have a little bird house in our yard and every year someone makes it home and has (it sounds like dozens) of babies! Huggs

soknitpicky said...

That is really awesome!

emicat said...

Great pictures! It's good to know spring has sprung somewhere, because it seems to be taking it's sweet little time over here.. here's to hoping I get any veggies from my containers this summer :)