Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thwarted procrastination

There are knitters who don't mind finishing, which encompasses the sewing, embellishments, blocking, and whatnot that come after the knitting is done. Then there's the rest of us. After all the work that goes into the knitting (and designing, ravelry-browsing, hemming-and-hawing, yarn-choosing, swatching) of a garment, it seems that once the knitting is done, the whole thing should be done. Alas, the part after the knitting plays a big part in what the final product looks like, and I've ruined many a fine project with slipshod finishing. No wonder I put it off! So far I have 3 projects off the needles but not quite finished:

Buttons and trim on my niece's sweater:

Lining, buttons, and charms/handle of the denim purse:

And--wait for it--the golden poplar!

The knitting and seaming (!) are done, but the top of the shoulders (where the front and back join) need some pattern embroidered in, and (this is the worst part) the hems for the neck and arm holes need to be picked up and knitted in 1x1 rib. Sigh x3.

It always helps to start a new project to stave off any guilt one might feel about not quite finishing earlier projects. Here is the as-yet-unnamed top I'm designing, currently done down to the waist.

It's baggy in both directions, and I'm getting nervous about the size, and keep re-checking the gauge on the swatch (which was machine-washed and partly machine-dried), re-reassure myself, and get back to the mindless stockinette. The top was coming along swimmingly (and I was managing to avoid working on all the annoying bits of the old projects), when this happened.

The circular part of the needles eroded where it joins the needle, which happened with another pair of these cheap bamboo needles from ebay. I have a whole set (circs, dpns, single points) of them, and they are great except that the circs keep breaking. These are my fifth pair to break, that--oh so unfortunately--I have had to replace with Addi circs. Thank goodness knitty couture was open today, so I can continue procrastinating.

8 comments: said...

I understand your pain! boo to all those cheep circulars. All your projects are beautiful!!! I love the summer sweater Its dreamy!

soknitpicky said...

Your projects are all looking great. What you need is, say, a grant deadline. Something worse that you can procrastinate on by doing the finishing, which then seems not-too-bad by comparison. That always works for me, LOL! :-)

mooncalf said...

My unfinished denim purse mocks me too. But I realised the other day that I'm quietly grateful that it is there because I won't be Finishing any Objects for a week or so and at least if I get on with that then I'll have something to blog about!

P.S. I really love the colours in that little stripey cardigan. It looks like Brighton Rock.

Knitty Brotz said...

Your sweater for your niece is super cute!!! Did you use a pattern for it or make it up? Also, what yarn did you use? I love stripes but hate switching in yarns and hate weaving in ends!! So cute though!!!

The Elusive Loo said...

You're right. Finishing is the worst part! :-)

e said...

oh i hate finishing!! I love the projects that come off the needles finished!

Lately if I have alot of ends to sew, I've been sewing them as I go along. I find it helps at the end.

Team Knit ! said...

wow! you have so many great projects on the go right now, that's awesome!! Can't wait to see them all turn into FOs- you make such great projects!

- Julie

Jackie said...

i m sure all your UFO will be very beautiful ! it sure to feel good wearing own design n knit.